Fixer Upper

Hey Everyone,

So I’m currently watching Fixer Upper on HGTV. I really like this show. I think the way they redo and design the houses is kind of amazing. Chip drives me absolutely INSANE most of the time, but I really like Joanna. I like her design style, even though it isn’t my design style, and I like her personality. I love what they do. The idea of buying a house for super cheap and using the remainder of the budget to renovate and make the house your own has always been a really cool idea to me. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to try. And maybe when it’s time for me to get my own house I’ll do something similar.

But it gets me thinking. I wish I could do that job. I wish I could partner up with a contractor, be a real estate agent/designer and help people buy and then build a dream-ish home. It seems like a lot of these people aren’t really building their dream home, but they are renovating their dream right-now home. And I wish I could do that.

I love designing new spaces. Shopping for furniture. Picking out art pieces and little detail pieces. I love going into stores and finding that perfect piece to complete the look. I’m constantly redoing my own spaces. It’s just something I think I would really enjoy doing.

I’ve been thinking about designing and stuff for a while now, I’ve talked about it here before, but I’d always just considered working for someone else. And the more I watch shows like Fixer Upper or Flip or Flop the more I wish I could run my own design company and just design other people’s spaces and make them amazing. I want to work with people and help them discover their style and make their space whatever it needs to be. Calming/relaxing, energizing, inspiring, whatever.

Maybe someday. For now I need to focus on getting one thing done at a time. School and a new job are up next. I at least want to finish getting my AA. And I definitely need a better job. This was just a random musing that I had while watching the show and I wanted to share it with you guys, get it out “on paper” before I let it slip to the back of my mind again.

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