Hey Guys, 

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. 

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I work Saturday through Monday for approximately 11 hours a day. And with drive time I’m gone 13 hours a day. Minimum. 

So unfortunately unless I plan out all four days of posts in advance, and get them typed up and scheduled, chances are I won’t get something posted on a work day. 

I get up pretty early so I have time with my dogs and time to eat some breakfast and get ready before work without rushing. I also like to take some time to catch up on YouTube videos and social media. Then I’m off to work. And I don’t get home until around 10 in the evening. Not super late, but late enough when you’ve been gone since 9-9:30 am. When I get home I want to eat something small. Hang out with my dogs. Shower and make sure I’m prepared for the next day. Usually I’m in bed by 11 and I check YouTube again before doing some meditation and going to sleep. It all makes for a very long day. 

And I’m trying to be better about scheduling posts for my work week on my days off but if I’m not sure what to write about it’s super difficult to plan things and get them typed up and scheduled. So I apologize for the slight inconsistency. I’m trying to do better I promise. 

But I have a question for you all; does is bother you if I don’t post every day? And if I were to just post YouTube videos I like on my work days if I don’t have anything specific to write about is that better than not posting anything? 

Let me know what you guys think. I have plenty of YouTube videos/people to share with you guys. So I could do one a week or do a couple a week or whatever. Anyway I had some downtime at work and was thinking about it so I thought I’d throw this up and see what y’all think. 

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