I Got $100!!

Hey Everyone,

So I had lunch with my ex-roommate and he took me to lunch and gave me $100 towards the money he owes me! I’m so impressed with him right now!

Lunch was good though. We talked, caught up on what’s been going on, talked about some more of his ideas and ate some pretty darn good food.

Other than that my day was pretty uneventful. I got up, took a shower, ate a little breakfast, got ready, went to see C, hung out, had lunch, and headed home. I did stop at Target on the way home to check out a few things that I’ve been meaning to pick up. I ended up buying:

Method Laundry Detergent and Method Fabric Softener (I’ve always liked Method products but have never tried their laundry stuff, but it was on sale and I thought I’d give it a go.)

A magazine holder that I’m going to try to turn into a little corner shelf next to my bed.

A copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. (Strictly because it has Hilary Duff on the cover. Seriously, that’s the only reason why I bought it.)

An exacto knife because I’ve been meaning to pick one up FOREVER to work on some crafty things.

And some groceries. I got eggs, milk, honey nut knockoff Cheerios, cranberry bagels, Doritos Cool Ranch chips, some pre-made Rice Krispie treats, and a box of mini birthday cake muffins. I think that’s it. Oh, and some Motrin. I really didn’t buy that much stuff but it sure adds up fast. Spent most of the $100 I got today. But that’s okay. Most of the stuff I bought I really needed. Only a couple of things could have waited until later. And I did put about $30 worth of stuff back because I decided it could wait.

Although in saying that if I’m still thinking about the sheets I saw on Sunday I’m going back to the store to get them while they’re still on sale.

I found the cutest white sheets with gold pineapples on them! They’re super simple and not cartoony. They’re perfect for what I’m trying to do in my room now. So I kind of need them, but could also wait and maybe find something else later. But if on Sunday I’m still thinking about them I’ll go pick them up. They’re only about $15 for a twin set, which is what my bed is for the moment. We shall see what happens.

So yeah, that was pretty much my day today/yesterday/Friday Jan. 13th.

Hahaha I just realized that today was/is/whatever Friday the 13th. Love it!

2 thoughts on “I Got $100!!”

  1. I love decor and stuff like that with gold pineapples on them! I think it’s so cute 😊 Glad you had a good day yesterday! Yesterday wasn’t so great for me…I’m kind of blaming it on the unluckiness of the date, but I don’t really believe that stuff. lol


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