Hey Everyone,

So just a short post for now because I’m working on some more interesting content and trying to plan out some blogs for this next work week so I can have daily posts again.

So, my question for now is, Why do plant based protein/shake powders have to be so gritty? Can’t they figure out how to make them smooth or something? I mean….yuck.

I’m trying really hard to be healthier and to eat better and snack better and exercise more. I was doing really well in the exercise department (at least for me) by doing at least 15 minutes of yoga/stretching/exercise a day. Just trying to build up a routine and work on being able to work out longer because it’s been FOREVER since I did any real physical activity. Especially on a regular basis.

So this morning I decided to try the Olly brand Slim Shake in Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate (or whatever, I’m sure you guys can figure it out if you’re really interested) and it’s not bad, but it is gritty. You mix the powder with water, which I’m sure is part of the reason why I think it’s just okay, I prefer things mixed with milk (but that adds tons of calories so…what ya gonna do?). So I mixed it up, shook it for like 3 minutes to get all the powder mixed in and as dissolved as possible but it’s still pretty gritty. It doesn’t taste horrible, I know sometimes plant based protein powders have a weird aftertaste, but this just has that gritty texture.

Thankfully I only bought a single serving pouch so I could give it a try before trying to commit fully. We’ll see how the rest of this goes down.



P.S. If anyone has any suggestions for posts or any questions you want me to address I’d be happy to. Just leave them down in the comments. Thanks!

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