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Been A While

Hey Everyone, So it's been a really long time since I've posted. To be honest I kind of fell out of everything for a while. I got lost in the world of work and YouTube. That's basically all I've been doing. I'm still trying to get used to a new schedule at work, which involves… Continue reading Been A While


All I Do Is Update

Hey Guys, So basically all I've been doing lately on here is posting updates. Sorry about that. Life is just super up in the air right now and internet is minimal so I try not to use too much of it. Mostly I've been using it for job hunting. That's pretty much all I've been… Continue reading All I Do Is Update


Home Sweet Home

Hey Everyone, I'm officially in Oregon. And mostly unpacked. I drove up Sunday and got here around 5:30 pm. I was pretty tired and my little house wasn't quite finished yet. I helped my dad with some stuff in the house and then we had some dinner and figured out where I was going to… Continue reading Home Sweet Home