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Dreamy Kind of Day

Hey Guys, So today was kind of awesome in terms of my online life. Danielle Mansutti from YouTube actually retweeted me! And she quoted one of my tweets and commented! So I totally had a fangirl moment (or two) and took screenshots of both things and posted them to my Instagram. It might be really… Continue reading Dreamy Kind of Day

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In case none of you noticed, I'm a little bit obsessed with YouTube. I watch videos all the time, talk about it frequently, and post videos to my blog fairly often. It's my go-to thing to do when I'm bored and can't come up with something else to do. Right now I'm watching Shannon Harris… Continue reading YouTube

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On YOUTUBE! I've been binge watching all the youtube subscriptions that I've missed in the last two months. And there's a lot. A) I religiously watch about 6 channels B) At least 2 of those channels have been doing Vlogmas where they vlog daily. C) The other channels post 2 to 3 times a week.… Continue reading Bingeing