All I Do Is Update

Hey Guys, So basically all I've been doing lately on here is posting updates. Sorry about that. Life is just super up in the air right now and internet is minimal so I try not to use too much of it. Mostly I've been using it for job hunting. That's pretty much all I've been… Continue reading All I Do Is Update


Update, Again

Hey Everyone, So a quick(ish) update. I'm still in California. For now. I should be heading to Oregon this weekend, but we shall see. The weather there has been crappy so it's been really difficult for my little building to get built. We're hoping to have it finished by this weekend so I can move… Continue reading Update, Again


TLC’s My 600-lb Life

Hey Everybody, I've been watching a lot of My 600-lb Life on TLC the last couple of days while I've been sick. And even a little bit before that. Normally I love the episodes and can sort of relate to the struggles the people are going through, even if I'm nowhere near 600 lbs. Usually… Continue reading TLC’s My 600-lb Life