Vegan Journey Part 2

Hey Everyone,

It hasn’t been a week since my last check in, but I have today off and will be working the next 5-ish days straight and I know I’m not going to want to check in on those days. I’ve got a ton of hours this coming week so I’m going to be kind of exhausted. But I am super excited for the hours!! YAY!

Nothing much has changed since my last check in. The only thing I’ve kind of come to terms with for me and my journey is, at least for the time being, I’ll probably be eating things with some form of dairy or eggs in it. Not because I’m searching for things that have those ingredients, but because I haven’t found my own cost effective alternatives to some of those products. And/or I haven’t found products I like that can replace some of the things I’m eating.

But I’m doing my best and trying really hard to at least really limit my intake of any kind of animal products.

I haven’t eaten anything new or exciting over the last couple of days. I got some non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that ended up being really good. It’s the coffee caramel fudge flavor. It’s pretty darn tasty. And great for hot summer days. I’ve been drinking a lot of iced tea and treating myself with some watermelon mint lemonade that is spectacular, but high in sugar, so I don’t allow myself to have it all the time.

Today I made some “pizza” on tortillas with an almond mozzarella cheese, some onion, and some olives. It was pretty good. I also juiced about a pound of carrots and a couple of apples. I’m going to try to figure out what kind of fruits to pair it with for a smoothie or something because I didn’t have quite enough apples to make it drinkable on it’s own. It’s just a little bit too carrot-y for me. And I’m too lazy to go to the store to get more apples.

Besides going vegan I’ve also been trying really hard to stick to a very strict budget. There was a wage hike around here so I get paid more now, but since my hours aren’t the same every week I can’t guarantee that I’ll have enough money all the time to pay my bills. I’m trying really hard to not borrow money from anyone unless I have to, and instead I’ve been trying to really limit my spending to necessary items only. Like food and work clothes and stuff for the dogs. I do treat myself from time to time (like today for instance I bought two movies on Amazon, but they’re digital copies and I only spent $4 between both movies) but I try to really limit that and only really allow it if I have some extra money to use for it. I don’t borrow for non-necessary items. Or borrow for necessary items and then use what I would have spent on the necessary things on treat items.

I’ve just been trying really hard to budget myself so I can pay all of my bills, pay for my dogs, pay for my food, and pay rent. Right now Carrot is still being really cool about not getting rent from me yet, but I’ve got to figure something out ASAP so I don’t wear out my welcome and create an issue. She knows I’m trying and she knows I’m trying to figure things out. And she understands that it’s a little tougher right now because I’m still living out of a couple of suitcases and sleeping on an air mattress. My dad and step mom haven’t found a time that works for all of us to get my stuff to me so I’m basically camping still.

It’ll be great when all of my things are finally here and I can feel like I’m actually living here instead of just crashing in her spare room.

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