My Vegan Journey, Part 1

Hey Everyone,

So I thought I would try to do a weekly check in on how my journey with becoming a vegan is going. It’s been about a week since I “announced” that I am going vegan so it’s time for my first check in.

Basically I’ve been doing okay. While I’m still not at 100% half of that is that I’m still eating up what I already had purchased and part of it is that I haven’t figured out all the vegan friendly alternatives yet. And some of the vegan alternatives are just too expensive for me right now.

My money situation is basically as follows: I make just enough money every month to pay my standard reoccurring bills. With maybe, MAYBE, $100 left over at the end of the month to pay for EVERYTHING else. Food, gas, dog stuff, anything I want to do for fun, any supplies I might need, etc. This makes for a really tough monetary situation all the way around, and it’s made a little bit tougher by the fact that a lot of vegan substitutes (at least that I’ve noticed) are more expensive than the standard stuff. Since my roommate is lovely and shares a lot of the basic stuff with me I eat what she eats for now in terms of condiments and some other random food things.

So, essentially, I don’t make enough money to replace all of my current food things with vegan alternatives at this time. Once I get a second job and get my life in order it’ll be much easier to be closer to 100% vegan, although I’m sure I will still slip up, and make choices that aren’t vegan.

Like cupcakes for example. Carrot is about to go on a fairly strict diet/eating plan set up by her gym instructor/trainer person. I want to be a super supportive roommate so I’m going to avoid having large/share size quantities of things she isn’t supposed to be eating in the house. So instead of making baked goods (like cupcakes) I bought a small thing of cupcakes at the store. I know the cupcakes aren’t vegan. Unfortunately I didn’t see any vegan options at the store I was in and I didn’t want to drive all over the place looking for a vegan option for cupcakes. It was the easiest and most cost effective (and roommate friendly) option for cupcakes.

At least for a while that’s how it’s going to have to be for me. I’m okay with it, and hopefully, you all are too. If you aren’t please don’t be negative about it. Be supportive in that I’m trying. And yes, I did need cupcakes. I’d been craving cupcakes for a couple weeks.

I slipped up a couple times in the last week. Once for breakfast and once for lunch. Both times I was at work. And both times I was so hungry! I needed food and I needed food fast. I went for the quickest and easiest options at the time, which unfortunately weren’t vegan. For most of my work food situations I’m planning on bringing my own food to work, unfortunately for those two situations I didn’t. I made do with what was available to me and I refuse to feel guilty.

Overall I’ve been doing pretty well with the whole thing. Sure, I’ve made some not so great choices about what to eat, but in general I’ve been pretty close to vegan. And considering I’ve just started I think I’m doing pretty well. I went to the store and got a few more vegan friendly items that I’m going to try out this week and I’ll check in again in about 5-7 days.

Thanks everyone for your support and please feel free to leave any supportive comments below as well as any suggestions for some really awesome vegan alternatives/recipes!

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