Hello Again

Hey Everyone,

Long time no talk. Sorry for the lack of blogs. Life has been changing for me lately and I just haven’t felt like catching everyone up for a while.

The biggest thing is: I moved. I’m officially living near Portland with Carrot. Although my things haven’t arrived yet (and I’ve been here about a month) I am living here full time.

And I’m working. I got a part time job at a large chain grocery store. Work is only about a 7 minute drive for me so it’s just a little drive from home.

Carrot decided she wants to keep Brena (my pit bull) so we have 4 dogs in the house. For now. We are seeing how things go and will decide what to do if things aren’t working out down the line. So far it’s been pretty good. Carrot’s dog, Lucy, has been having a hard time with all the changes, but she’s adjusting, slowly, and I think things will all work out with a little more time. My dogs have settled right in and have adjusted quickly to apartment life.

Work is going well, I’m not hating it, but I wouldn’t go all the way to saying that I’m enjoying it either. Mostly I’m enjoying having some form of income again, even if it isn’t huge. It’s just enough to cover all my required bills, but doesn’t really leave any left over for things like food, dog food, and gas. So a second job will be required and is sort of in the works. I’m looking, but as I’m still getting settled and don’t have all my stuff it’s a little tough. I don’t have my clothes or any of my things. I only have what I brought with me.

Moving up here was a little bit of a rushed surprise. I came up for an interview at the store and was hired on the spot and told I would start the next Saturday. I went back to my dad’s on Monday or Tuesday, packed all of my stuff up to prep it for moving, did some shopping for my work uniform then loaded up everything I could fit in my car, my three dogs, and took off back towards Portland on Thursday.

I spent Friday getting the dogs and myself kind of settled into my bedroom. And then started work on Saturday. I’ve been working fairly regularly every since. I’ve been working 5 days a week for most weeks, and have a shorter week this next week. I feel like I’ve been busy, but the reality is, I haven’t been as busy as I feel, I think I’ve just been stressed out. It’s making me tired and screwing with my sleep schedule.

As I said, I only brought with me what would fit in my car which basically was two duffle bags, two small boxes, all of my dogs’ things, a small side table (taken apart), my bedding/air mattress, my laptop bag, and some food things. Plus the dogs. If I hadn’t had to bring all of the dogs’ things I would have had a little more space in the car to bring some other things. But I did alright with what I had space for. I haven’t really been doing without while I’ve been here. I miss having my television because I’ve been watching everything on my laptop at night. I miss having my bed! Sleeping on an air mattress (even if it is larger than my mattress) is not great. And I hate not having all of my other furniture and things because I have nothing to do. Nothing to clean up and no where to put my things. It’s frustrating. My dad and I have had trouble meshing our schedules to find a way to get my stuff here. Every time we think we have it figured out something goes wrong.

I feel like overall things are going well. I don’t think I’m getting on Carrot’s nerves too much, although I’m sure I am some. This is a huge change for her. She hasn’t had a roommate in a really long time, like 7-ish years. I’m trying really hard to be on my best behavior and to keep my dogs on their best behavior. And I’m trying not to bother her. I think it’ll be easier when I have all my stuff because I’ll spend more time in my room so she can have her space. Right now it’s tough for me because a) I’m excited to have someone around on a regular basis again and b) I don’t really have a space yet that I can go to when I can tell she needs some space. I don’t have things to do outside the house (besides work) and I don’t have money to spend on random outings. I feel bad because I know she wants more space than she’s getting, and I can tell she’s having a bit of a rough time, I wish I knew how to fix it or make it better. I know she’ll read this and hopefully she’ll know (if she doesn’t already) that I’m trying really hard not to make this harder on her than it inevitably will be.

Anyway, these are all the things that have been going on in my life over the last month or so. I moved at the end of May so even though it’s been a while since I checked in, there hasn’t really been that much going on. I got all the important things taken care of, got my job, got myself moved and will go from there. Wish me luck on finding a second job or a secondary source of income.

Thanks for being patient with me, and hopefully for sticking around.

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