Hey Everyone,

So I’m in the Portland area right now. I’m having a meeting with my potential new boss later today and spending some time with Carrot. I’m super nervous about meeting my potential new boss. I’m really hoping it all works out. The job itself sounds super awesome and it would give me a start up here. I’m crossing my fingers.

Other than that I’m checking out the area and the apartment. The apartment is super cute! Carrot did such a good job laying out her furniture and stuff! The room I’ll have if she still wants me to move in is a good size and I can see where I’d be placing my furniture. I’ve also been looking at everything trying to figure out if I can fit all of my furniture in the apartment/bedroom. I thought I had it all figured out but I just realized I didn’t place my dresser in my imagined layout. Which could be a problem because I kind of need it. And I’m out of space.

The funny thing is the room I rented before was super tiny, way smaller than the room I’d have here, but I have more furniture now. I’ve figured out where to put most of it, but I’m lost as to where to put my dresser. The closer is just slightly too narrow, I wouldn’t be able to open the drawers.


I guess it might not matter. Carrot and I have yet to figure out if/when I’d actually be moving in.

She has been so great though! She got me lunch yesterday, made up the spare room for me, complete with a fully made up bed and towels. She’s the best!

Alright, I have to start getting ready for my meeting.

I’ll check in with you all later.

Wish me luck!!!!

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