All I Do Is Update

Hey Guys,

So basically all I’ve been doing lately on here is posting updates. Sorry about that. Life is just super up in the air right now and internet is minimal so I try not to use too much of it. Mostly I’ve been using it for job hunting.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. I don’t even remember the last time I posted a proper update.

I was sick for a while. Then I got better and started getting things going again. Then I fell down the stairs in front of my place and sprained/busted up my ankle/foot kinda badly. I only did that last week, but it’s still super bruised and fairly painful. Fortunately I can walk on it without it hurting too much as long as I keep my foot fairly flat (not shifted onto either side at all).

I’ve been working on finding a job and getting some volunteer work done too.

In terms of job searching, I haven’t had much luck. I’ve had one interview and I thought it went really well, but I haven’t heard back so I guess I was more confident than I should have been. Or maybe I was just confident enough and someone else was just better suited for the job. Oh well. To be honest, as much as I need a job, it isn’t really the job I want.

The job I want is in the town that I’ll be living in with Carrot. And I’m going up for an interview of sorts this weekend for that job. The job is at a book/gift store that’s adding a coffee bar to it. They’re adding hours and because they’re essentially expanding they need additional help. The owner of the store is a friend of Carrot’s and had asked her friends if they knew anyone who might want to work at the store. Carrot, being the super amazing awesome friend that she is, recommended me. The owner and I have been trading emails for about two weeks and finally came up with a time this weekend when we can get together and chat. If we feel it’s a good match then they’re going to have me stay in town for a barista class on Monday.

It’s kind of a two birds situation. I’m taking a box for storage up to Carrot’s place when I go. I’ll get to visit with Carrot and check out the town a little bit. And I’ll get to check out where I’ll be living (as in the actual apartment) for the first time. I’m planning on taking some measurements of my bedroom furniture and then trying to plan out where it is I want to put things in the bedroom I’ll have once I’m up there. The goal with that is to figure out if all of my furniture will fit/be needed. And whatever I can’t fit, or don’t need, I’ll sell/get rid of.

I guess that was more than two birds, but you get the idea.

In addition to all of that I’ve been doing (as in I’ve done one partial day so far) some volunteer work at the local animal shelter. They have a really cool program where if you need to get your pet spayed/neutered you can do volunteer hours in exchange for a voucher that significantly lowers the cost of the procedure with some of the local vets. The number of hours varies based on the size of your dog because the size of your dog will change the cost of the procedure.

So, for the size of my pit bull I have to do 14 hours of volunteer work. I did about 4 the other day when I went in (but that was the day I sprained my ankle and had sprained it when I was leaving to go there, so I worked the 4 hours with a sprained ankle). I’m going in again tomorrow to get some more hours done. I’m hoping to finish up between tomorrow and Friday so I can get my dog in ASAP. The animal shelter lady said that it would cost between $50-$100 (ish) with the voucher to get my dog spayed.

In general things have just been really stressful and weird. Financially things are really screwed up for me. I’ve already mentioned, probably a bunch of times, that financially I’m ridiculously screwed up. I have such a stupidly difficult time with saving money so when shit hits the fan I’m not screwed. I’m working on it though.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all that’s been happening in my life. Nothing exciting. Nothing much going on. Pretty much a boring couple of weeks. I bought some new clothes, mostly for interviewing/work. Got rid of a bunch of my random bath/body stuff (to my cousin) and some more clothes. Plus gave a small box of things to Goodwill.

One of the really cool/fun things that’s been going on for me is that my niece has figured out how to FaceTime and has been video chatting with me a lot the last couple of days. It’s been pretty awesome.

Still trying to figure things out. Just started a new self-help/inspirational/whatever audiobook on Audible. Not sure how I feel about it yet, and not 100% sure what it’s called  (and since I’m currently watching YouTube on my phone I can’t check), but I’ll do a post about it later when I’m done.

Still looking for a new home for my pit bull. Which might be news to you guys, I don’t remember. But basically I decided that I’m not sure it will be fair to her because I’ll probably end up working two jobs, the apartment is small, there will be two other dogs in the apartment, and it’s an apartment so there’s no yard. I just feel like (as much as this seriously kills me) that she deserves a better home, with a yard and someone who will play with her all the time and be home more and all that kind of stuff.

It hurts me so much to think about rehoming any of my dogs, but I can’t bring all three of them and the more I think about it the easier it would be to have the two small dogs in the small apartment, versus one small dog and one large dog. I seriously tear up/cry hysterically every time I really think about rehoming any of them. I have a possible home for one of the smaller dogs, but no real leads on my pit. We will see what happens, but I really don’t want to put Carrot out or cause any issues when she’s being so incredibly awesome about everything.

I guess that’s enough of a catch up/update. There really isn’t anything else going on. So I’ll chat with you all next time. Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later with some good news (a new job hopefully)!

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