Home Sweet Home

Hey Everyone,

I’m officially in Oregon. And mostly unpacked.

I drove up Sunday and got here around 5:30 pm. I was pretty tired and my little house wasn’t quite finished yet. I helped my dad with some stuff in the house and then we had some dinner and figured out where I was going to sleep.

Luckily my house was mostly finished so we decided on an air mattress in my little house. Thank goodness it was a queen mattress and my space heater was easy to get to because it was COLD and all three of my dogs decided they definitely needed to sleep with me. Which turned out to be good for all of us since we all needed the extra heat.

Yesterday my step mom and I offloaded the trailer with all my stuff in it and got the furniture set up in my little house. Then we brought in all the boxes. Turns out I have way more stuff than I thought I had. Even after packing and loading/unloading a trailer. My step mom is an amazing visionary when it comes to figuring out how to layout and fit everything into a small space.

We got all the stuff I needed, and pretty much everything I own, into my little house. And set up in a totally doable way. I’ve got my bed, dresser, closet/shelving thing, a desk, 2 sets of shelves and a couple other random pieces of furniture.

My house is narrow and longer versus wide and square, but it doesn’t feel that tiny. I actually love it!

I keep telling people it’s good practice for the day when I finally move into a tiny house.

I fixed my resume and am now getting ready to look for a job.

My friend Carrot is trying really hard to find me a job up near Portland so I can move up sooner. A friend of hers is looking to hire someone to work at her bookstore and Carrot put my name in. I’m really hoping it pans out because it would be an amazing job for me! I love books, and they’re adding in a little coffee shop into the store. I love coffee too! It could be the perfect job for me. So I’m really hopeful.

Well, although it isn’t super late, it is cold. And my internet is super limited here because I have to use a hotspot on my phone to do anything online via my computer. I’m going to crawl into my nice warm bed, with my dogs, and watch a movie.

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