Update, Again

Hey Everyone,

So a quick(ish) update.

I’m still in California. For now. I should be heading to Oregon this weekend, but we shall see. The weather there has been crappy so it’s been really difficult for my little building to get built. We’re hoping to have it finished by this weekend so I can move in. All of my stuff was packed up and taken up to Oregon on Sunday/Monday. It’s just me, my dogs, and the essentials that are still in California.

This week I have to get the house the rest of the way cleaned up and ready for my departure. I want to make sure the house is as clean as possible before my grandparents get home from Mexico. And as it stands now they won’t be home until June, but the house is a mess.

We threw my niece’s 5th birthday part at my house last Saturday. It was a ton of fun. Not a ton of people, but just the right amount I think. We painted a large canvas for her room, ate some pizza, opened presents and got to play with water balloons. She had a wonderful time and was very happy. It was worth it, but it didn’t help the house get any cleaner.

Right now I’m babysitting my littlest niece who is about 7 months old. She’s taking a nap, again. Her third since I got here this morning. Apparently I am the queen of wearing her out and then getting her to sleep. She never naps this much for her mom. As soon as my sister gets home from her job interview I’ll be headed home to start working on the house. I had to babysit yesterday too so I didn’t really get a chance to get anything started except some laundry.

I think I’ve gotten pretty much everything out of the house that needs to be out of the house. I need to fill the nail holes in my walls in my old room and clean the carpets in the house. And I need to deep clean the bathrooms. Other than that there isn’t too much I need to do. I’ve got the rest of the week, at least, to do it, I just need to get it done.

My aunt had knee replacement surgery today. It’s a good thing for her. Her knee has been bothering her for about a year, so it’s about time something real was done about it. Her daughter, my cousin, is in town to help take care of her while she’s in recovery. It’ll be nice to spend some time together. Or, I’m hoping we’ll get to spend some time together. Her dad, who also lives in the area, is an attention hog and acts like he never gets to see her so when she’s in town he demands all of her time and attention. Which is a bit ridiculous since she comes down to see him at least once a month and the rest of us are lucky to see her a couple times a year. But she won’t do/say anything to make it different so it is what it is.

My cousin is also considering taking one of my little dogs, Daisy, for me once I get ready to move in with my friend in October-ish. I’m really hopeful that she’ll take her, otherwise I have to find a different home for at least one of the dogs. I can’t take all three to Portland, and it kills me to think about getting rid of any of them, but having a family member take one and give her a good, loving home is the best case scenario for me. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it all works out.

I am not excited to go home and clean. I feel like there is so much to do. And I’m stressed out that I don’t have enough space in my car to get everything I have left packed into it and up to my dad’s place. I’ve got 2 suitcases, 3 dogs, the dog bed/toys/blankets, 2 pillows, 1 body pillow, a king size bed spread, and whatever food things I end up needing to take with me. And if I can find room, my fake Christmas tree. It’s more than I had originally planned. But we forgot to put the Christmas tree in the end, and we decided that the food needed to wait because I wasn’t going to be there right away.

Because the way we will be living is a super glorified version of camping there isn’t a great way to store food and things without the threat of rodents/animals getting into things. Our kitchen is basically outside. A lot of our food items will have to be stored in tightly sealed plastic containers or in our little house/bedroom areas. It’ll be interesting to go from a standard house to the living situation at my dads, to a tiny apartment near Portland. All within one year.

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