Crab Feed

Hey Guys!

Last night I got to go to my very first crab feed ever! It was great! My mom took me with her when one of her friends couldn’t make it to the event.

I didn’t have much notice to get ready and stuff and I had been packing all day so I was a mess. She messaged me around 4 to ask if I wanted to go, and she wanted to leave from her office for the event by around 5:30, which meant I had to make the 1 hour and 15 minute drive and shower and get ready in just about an hour and 15 minutes.

And that’s without traffic. But when you’re going anywhere near a city on a Friday night there’s going to be traffic. And there sure was.

It took me just over a half hour to get showered and ready to go. And then I drove over. Getting to the next town over was pretty quick and easy because it’s all back roads so there’s really no traffic. But once I got to town there was a lot more traffic. Traffic was backed up, stop and go, for 10 or more miles. Including the onramp for the highway.

We made it to the event by 6 after all the traffic. So it wasn’t too bad. And it turns out that it really didn’t matter what time we got there. They were supposed to start serving food and stuff at 7 and we were supposed to be finished around 9.

They started with bread, then salami/olives/peppers/cheese tray, then salad, then pasta, then it was supposed to be crab. But I think we had pasta by 8 or so and they didn’t start serving crab until NINE! Which is when we were supposed to be wrapping up eating because they were holding a dance afterwards. It was kind of crazy.

We ate our fill of crab and shrimp, which were really good, and then my mom, her friend and I headed home. We were tired, it was 10 at night, and I had to drive a long way to get home still.

Overall the experience was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I got to go to my first crab feed and I got to try my first long island iced tea. It was all really good. The crab feed was a fundraiser for scholarships for a private school so that was kind of cool. I didn’t eat a ton, but I ate a lot more than I thought I would.

By the time I got home and go into bed it was 11:30, and I was so tired. It was a tough night sleeping. The dogs were mad that I had been gone for so long so they were super cuddly, which made it really hard for me to get comfortable and actually sleep. So now I’m kind of exhausted and I have to leave for work in 30 minutes.

It’s going to be a long day.

But I wouldn’t give up last night for more sleep.

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