Hey Guys,

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, I was busy packing all day. Even though I’m not moving for a couple more weeks I’m starting to get excited and I hate just sitting around waiting for things to happen so I decided to start packing up all the stuff that I’m not going to need for the next couple of weeks. Get a head start on things.

I’m about half way packed already and have gotten rid of a lot of stuff that I don’t need. A bunch of clothes and a bunch of other random stuff. Old phone cases, some books, a lot of random jewelry, and some decorations. I’ve just collected a lot of crap over the years that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of. Mostly because everything had “sentimental” value. And I always feel guilty getting rid of anything that was given to me.

Yesterday I got rid of a ton of stuff that I really don’t need anymore. Even things that I’ve been hanging onto because they were given to me, or because they held even a tiny bit of sentimental value. I got rid of a stack of birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day cards from family members. I don’t even know why I kept them. The majority of them said nothing inside except what was printed on the card and a signature. I kept a couple. One from each of my great-grandmas who isn’t with us anymore. And a card that has a bunch of family signatures. But I got rid of all the others. And I know I have another box of cards in storage somewhere, so once I find those I’ll do the same thing. Get rid of most and just keep the ones that really mean something to me.

I’m actually pretty proud of the progress that I made yesterday. I packed my large suitcase full of clothes. I packed 3 large boxes full of miscellaneous items. A small box of books. Two storage containers of clothes/shoes. And a large tote full of all my extra bathroom items. And the amount of stuff I got rid of equaled out to one VERY large box of clothes and miscellaneous items, and a garbage bag full of clothes. And there will be a lot more that I’ll get rid of when I’m going through the items that I’ve still got in storage. Most of the stuff that I have in the house is stuff that I know I want to keep and use. It’s all stuff that I’ve purchased and held on to for specific reasons. Most of the sentimental stuff gets put away in storage.

I’m trying really hard to be very particular about the things I’m keeping. But it’s hard. I’m always going to have sentimental attachments to things that shouldn’t really mean anything, but I’m getting better. My step-mom says that now is a really good time to purge and get rid of a bunch of things. And she’s right. It’s time. I won’t be able to do as well as she would do, but I’ll do my best to get rid of as much as I can. As much of the junk. As much of the random things that just clutter up my life. I’m trying to only keep the things that matter.


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