Hey Everyone,

So I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling lately. Which isn’t that surprising. But I am feeling really really restless lately. Like I just want to jump in the car and go. But I have no idea where I might go.

I know my cousin and I are talking about trying to take a trip to Los Angeles sometime this year. Before or around summer. We’re definitely waiting until after my grandparents get home. And we’re also waiting until we can both save the money necessary to go. We aren’t planning on going to Disneyland or anything, just sight seeing and exploring LA and like Hollywood and stuff.

Neither of us have every really been so we want to kind of explore it a bit and go to the beach and see the sights and stuff. I don’t know. We both just feel like going somewhere new and exploring it. We almost went to Seattle last year, or maybe the year before, but we ended up going to Reno instead because of weather. My cousin and I really like to travel. Especially together. We have such a good time and we’re both pretty easy going so traveling together works really well.

We’re pretty excited about going, although I don’t think either of us have had an opportunity to really start saving too much money. I had saved about $100, but then I had some things go down (like being super sick) and needed to dip into that so now I’m down to about $60-$40. Which is better than nothing, but not even a dent in what I’ll probably need to really make the trip worthwhile.

I’m not sure we’ll actually end up going to LA, she and I have a habit of changing our mind about where we’re going to go quite frequently. It generally changes based on weather and cost. I’m sure it would probably be cheaper for us to go to Las Vegas, which sounds backwards, but we have family in Vegas so we wouldn’t need to pay for a hotel or anything while we were there, which would change the price kind of a lot. But she’s been a couple of times, even though I haven’t, and we both wanted to go somewhere new this time. New for both of us that is.

We shall see what happens. Anyway, I just watched a LaurDIY video/vlog and she was in Bora Bora so it really added to my feeling the need to travel. If I hadn’t been sick and had just had all that time off for whatever reason I probably would have gone to see my cousin in Oregon, and maybe my dad too. Just somewhere so I wasn’t at home all the time. I really haven’t gone anywhere in a while. Since before Thanksgiving. Which is a little weird for me. I usually go somewhere every other month or so. Not necessarily somewhere super far away, but usually somewhere. San Francisco, Reno, Oregon or something. But like I said, I haven’t been anywhere since before Thanksgiving when I went to see my dad.

Like I said, I’m feeling restless. I just need to get out of my area for a day or something. Go somewhere different. I don’t know if it’s going to happen anytime soon, but I can hope. I know KK was talking about wanting to go to San Francisco when we hang out the next time, but I don’t know if we’re actually going to do that or not. She only mentioned it once. So we shall see what happens. Even if we do go we’ll probably only go to the pier, so nothing too exciting. We enjoy going, don’t get me wrong we definitely have a good time, but it isn’t the same as going and exploring somewhere new.

But I’m really excited at the idea of getting out of town and going just about anywhere. I’d even be up for being a designated driver for my mom and her friends if they wanted to go somewhere for a wine tasting. Which I’ve done before on a trip to Napa. Since I don’t like the taste of wine no one has to feel about about me not being able to drink so I can drive. Generally I get paid a little bit to do the driving and they pay for food and lodging. That way I end up making a little bit of money and don’t have to spend anything to be there. It’s a lot of fun actually and I end up learning a lot about wine and how they grow the grapes and I get some really great photos. (Unfortunately on the good trip I went one with my mom and her friends I borrowed a friend’s camera to take the photos and I never got a copy.)

Anyway, I was just feeling super restless and needed to at least talk about how restless I’m feeling and I think discussing future travel plans makes me feel less restless because at least then I have a plan and something to look forward to. If anyone has any suggestions for things to see or do when in LA leave a comment because I’m trying to do some research and look for some ideas that aren’t Disneyland or amusement park related.

Or if there’s anywhere else in California, Oregon, Washington or other surrounding states that I should check out, let me know. I’m always up for a road trip and my cousin and I are really good at driving long distances for a trip. I think we both prefer road tripping to flying because we can see more and go at our own pace and stuff.

So leave travel suggestions below, even ones that require flying, because I’m creating a huge list of all the places I want to visit and putting it on my closet door. I’ve got a ton of pictures up on my closet already and a bunch of names of places, but I know there are places I didn’t think about originally or didn’t know about, so leave me a ton of travel suggestions and places to check out.

Please and thank you!!!!

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