Valentine’s Day

Hey Everyone,

Today is Valentine’s Day and I’m at work. Obviously I’ve prewritten this, and a bunch of other posts, because of work.

Mostly I just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who might be reading this. As I said I’ll be at work when this is posted and that is what I’ll be doing for all of V-Day.

I don’t think I’ve ever really had a Valentine so no biggie on that front. I’ll work during the day and then come home to my dogs at night and relax and watch a movie or something while I cuddle with them. It’ll be all good.

I’ve never really cared about having a Valentine. The only thing it’s ever meant to me is sugar cookies because my mom and grandma generally make some to give as gifts and their sugar cookies are one of my favorite things in life. Don’t know if they’ll be making any this year though.

And sometimes my mom will buy my sister and I a little v-day gift if she sees something that she thinks we will like. I think it’s been a few years since she’s done that though so who knows.

I don’t really care to get anything. I’m trying to stay away from sweets, so I don’t need chocolates or candy. Most floral smells give me a migraine. So really, I don’t want or need any of the traditional things.

Picture someone shrugging their shoulders right now in complete indifference because that’s basically what I’m doing.

I just don’t really care about V-day. It’s just another day. And if it wasn’t all over the TV and internet and in all the stores I probably wouldn’t even think about it. In fact, if it wasn’t on TV and online so much I would have probably forgotten about it anyway because I haven’t really been in stores lately.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there. I hope you’re all celebrating in whatever way you celebrate. I hope you get to see your loved ones and significant others. I hope you have a lovely day full of love and happiness. If you’re single and alone don’t worry, your time will come. Enjoy the singleness while it lasts, right now you aren’t responsible to a significant other. You can do what you’d like, celebrate how you want and just be yourself.

I’ve recently begun to truly enjoy being single. For most of my life I’ve wanted to be in a relationship. I always thought that was the ultimate goal in life. To find a partner that you could spend your life with. I don’t feel that way now. I just want to be happy. With or without someone. And right now I think I’m happier being single. I haven’t been good at picking partners in a long time. And right now I’m happy not having someone to answer to. Someone who is going to be upset if I don’t call or upset if I want to spend my free time alone or with friends.

So, Have a Happy Day! Whether you are married, engaged, dating, or totally single. You’re alive and hopefully doing well. Be happy! Drink champagne in the tub, eat some pizza, watch some movies, go out to dinner, do whatever. Enjoy your day/night!

And if you hate Valentine’s Day, then it’s just another day for you, enjoy it anyway!

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