A Wedding for Bella

Hey Everyone,

I rediscovered a movie last night. I was laying in bed and I was kind of tired, but I wanted to watch/listen to something before I fell asleep. I couldn’t think of anything out of my own DVD collection that I wanted to watch so I decided to check out Amazon Instant Video.  I hadn’t checked out movies on that app in a while so I wanted to see if there was anything new, and although I don’t know if A Wedding for Bella is a new addition to their lineup or if it has been on there for a while I was really happy to see it there.

A Wedding for Bella (also known as The Bread, My Sweet) is a movie I used to have on DVD a long time ago, and I’m not sure how or when I lost it, but I don’t have it anymore and it makes me sad because it really is such a good movie. Rosemary Prinz plays the lovely Bella and she does such an amazing job. She’s an adorable older Italian woman who lives above a bakery. Scott Baio plays Dominic who works at the bakery and is like a son to Bella and her husband Massimo.

The movie is about making a wedding happy for Bella, just as the title suggests. Dominic works in the bakery with his two brothers and they’re all very close with Bella and Massimo. Dominic’s world starts to collapse when he has to take Bella to the hospital and learns that she has terminal cancer (don’t worry I’m not spoiling anything for you, it’s pretty obvious there’s an issue and it happens early on in the movie). Bella swears him to secrecy and says she’s not dying in the hospital.

Bella and Massimo have a daughter named Lucca who is in the Peace Corps and travels the world and hasn’t been home in a while. Throughout Lucca’s life Bella has been saving money in coffee cans to pay for Lucca’s wedding and Dominic knows that Bella’s biggest dream is for Lucca to meet a nice man and get married. So Dominic goes about finding Lucca and bringing her home.

Dominic tries to get in touch with Lucca but has no luck reaching her and after leaving her a bunch of messages without a response has resigned to the fact that she will not be coming home. But Lucca shows up with no warning on Christmas making Bella the happiest she’s been in years.

Shortly after Lucca’s arrival Dominic comes up with a proposal and a plan to convince Lucca to marry him to make Bella happy. After telling Lucca the whole story and convincing her to go along with his plan they stage a proposal in front of Bella and make her even happier than before.

Throughout the rest of the movie they go about planning their wedding with Bella’s help and trying to get everything figured out and set before Bella is no longer with them. Naturally throughout the movie the cancer is taking it’s toll on Bella and the people in her life are noticing that things are different with her and they start noticing that something might be wrong.

I won’t talk anymore about what happens in the movie, but as you can imagine it’s a bittersweet movie to watch. It’s sad to see Bella get sick and to see the people in her life become more and more aware of her illness. Especially Dominic’s older brother, Pino, who has a mental disability (if that’s not the politically correct term for it, or if that is in some way offensive to someone it isn’t in any way meant to be, I just can’t come up with a better description for it because the movie never specifies what disability Pino has and I am not educated enough about all the possibilities to speculate what it might be, so please forgive me if I’ve said anything offensive or wrong in this paragraph). Pino doesn’t understand what’s going on, but he can see the negative changes in Bella and it bothers him.

But even with the bad things going on in the movie the overall feeling of the movie is happiness and love. It’s a wonderful movie to watch and I was really glad to have found it again. Although I hadn’t fully forgotten about the movie, I hadn’t thought about it in a while. It’s a great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a sweet, feel good, but sort of realistic movie to watch. It’s isn’t the same as a normal romance movie, at least in my opinion, because the situation itself seems more realistic.

Sure, Dominic and Lucca getting married shortly after meeting each other is kind of unrealistic, but if you think about the situation they’re in, it doesn’t sound so outrageous. I can see how people in real life might do something like that, in fact I think I’ve heard of people doing something similar to that in real life. Getting married or doing something they may not have necessarily done otherwise because a family member is getting older or sick or dying in some way. I mean, a lot of people speed up life events to ensure that they happen before someone they care about leaves this world. So the difficult events in the movie make the whole thing feel more real to me and less like make believe.

All in all the movie will make you laugh and cry (probably). It’s a beautiful movie and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s available for free as part of the Amazon Instant Video (Prime) thing. So if you have access to that I really suggest you check it out. The actress that plays Bella does such an amazing job, she’s so cute to watch and you really just want to hug her. Plus the relationship between Dominic (Scott Baio) and Massimo (Bella’s husband) is such a kick to watch. Just trust me and go watch the movie.

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