Tea, So Much Tea

Hey Everyone,

So as you all probably know by now I have been super sick for like a week. Not deathly ill or anything, but sick enough to have to stay home from work and sick enough to end up making an appointment to see my doctor. (Which I will fill you in on in another post.)

Basically I’ve had a wicked cough, and a lot of general congestion. The cough is the hardest part because it’s painful. And none of the over the counter cough medication seems to help. I’ve gone through two bottles of cough syrup and started on another set (I get the day and night combo pack) and a bag of cough drops. And honestly none of it seems to have made a dent in this cough.

The cough has mellowed our from how bad it was on Friday and Saturday, which were the worst days, but it’s still painful and still frequent. I feel like I go through coughing fits now instead of just constantly coughing. It’s a little easier on my throat, but it still sucks.

Friday and Saturday were awful. I was miserable. My throat felt like it was on fire and swollen on the inside. Luckily, most of that feeling has gone away. My throat doesn’t hurt so much and it feels less swollen. Swallowing is much easier now than it was before.

Anyway, because my throat has been so messed up I have been drinking a TON of tea. Hot tea. I’ve been alternating between Yogi brand’s Perfect Energy Vanilla Spice (which I’m almost out of *insert crying face*) and the Slim Life Carmel Apple Spice. Both teas are tasty and I don’t need to add sugar or anything to them to drink them. I know you’re supposed to add honey and lemon to your tea when you’re sick and that’s supposed to help, but I don’t really have any tea that I drink that needs honey or lemon. To me it makes it taste weird.

So I’m running out of tea bags. But I’m not yet tired of tea, so that’s a good sign. And I’ve been drinking a ton less sugar. I’m a huge fan of sugary drinks and for a really long time that has been the basis of my liquid intake. Sugar. I started cutting out sugary drinks before I got sick, but being sick has just made it easier. I crave the sugary drinks, but because of the coughing and my throat it’s easy to say no. Because the carbonation of some drinks and the acidity of others just kills.

I already spent a bunch of money on groceries, that I hadn’t planned on spending, and will be missing a whole week’s worth of pay, but I think I’ll have to stop at the store next time I’m out to get some more tea. Because I don’t think I can live without it now.

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