TLC’s My 600-lb Life

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been watching a lot of My 600-lb Life on TLC the last couple of days while I’ve been sick. And even a little bit before that. Normally I love the episodes and can sort of relate to the struggles the people are going through, even if I’m nowhere near 600 lbs. Usually I feel a little bit inspired to make better, healthier choices in life so I enjoy watching and seeing the progress and the struggles.

The current episode I’m watching though….I am having such a tough time with it!

The subject of the episode is so rude and mean to their family! It’s driving me insane! They snap at them, yell at them, whine at them. I mean, I seriously watched a clip where they were trying to get in the car, their kid was getting in the front seat, they were having a hard time getting in the back and they yelled at their kid to get out of the car and move the seat all the way forward. The kid did, and then got yelled at because their parent fell over because they had been leaning on the seat they had told the kid to move. I mean, come on!

In addition they yelled at their dad who was trying to help them get out of the back of the car at a different point. I mean, honestly, there was so much whining and snapping coming from this person that I wanted to scream at them. If I had been one of their family members I don’t think I would have stuck around to help.

The whole situation seemed ridiculous. The whole show is based around a specific doctor in Huston, Texas so a lot of the people that participate in the shows have to travel a bit to get there. For this episode they had to go kind of a long way, and after meeting with the doctor the first time they decided that they needed to stay closer to the doctor in order to really achieve their goal and get the weight loss surgery. The parents had to go home and the subject decided to have their kid stay in Texas with them to help them through the process.

I was already not a fan of this person, but watching how they treated their child during the first month in Texas, I was kind of shocked. I was frustrated for the child, who was definitely not a saint, but still. I have a hard time with any parent expecting the child, who I think was in their early teens, to take care of them because they have gotten to the point (through their own choices) that they can’t take care of themselves.

I would have an easier time if the parent had cancer or something beyond their control and they were just asking their kid to help out a little bit, but the subject was almost incapable of moving and stuff. So they were expecting their kid to basically take care of them. Completely take care of them. Even parents who end up with a debilitating illness don’t generally expect their young, school aged children to take care of them. They hire someone, or talk to their parents, or a spouse or something. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be “judging” because I haven’t gone through it, but I really didn’t like seeing the dynamic between the two and what the parent was expecting the child to be responsible for.

On top of that the parent ended up being really upset, angry, and resentful of their kid because the kid could eat whatever they wanted and wasn’t being very sensitive about what/when/how much, etc. they were eating in front of the subject trying to lose weight. While I can understand the subject’s issue with their kid eating all kinds of junk food in front of them….it’s a kid. It’s unrealistic to expect a kid to stick to the diet that you’ve been put on by your doctor when they’re wanting you to lose 50 pounds in a month. Especially if the kid already has really bad eating habits and free reign to go to the convenience store with money and buy what they want.

Eventually the parents/grandparents came and took the kid back to their home where they all had been living originally.

In the parent’s defense, the kid was a jerk. Cussing, talking back, laughing at their parent while eating/drinking things they know the other person can’t have. I mean, the whole situation was a mess and that kid needed to be whooped. But when a kid sees their parent allow themselves to get to 600+ pounds and treats everyone like crap, what do you expect? I mean, really.

The whole episode was full of so much whining, unnecessary drama, and excuses. The subject needed hernia surgery and ended up being hospitalized for quite a while because they kept doing things they weren’t supposed to, whining about not being allowed food or water, and saying stupid things like “I wish I would fall asleep and not wake up” and then being super angry when put on suicide watch.

I’m not sure how it all ended. I stopped paying attention about 2/3 of the way through. I got tired of all the whining and complaining. And it ended while I was busy writing all of this.

Am I an asshole for saying these things? For feeling this way? For “judging” someone? I don’t feel like I am. I feel like if you get an opportunity like that to fix something that you’ve allowed to happen to you then you should take advantage of it and work really hard to get things situated. And not use that time to whine and complain and make excuses about why you can’t do it.

Anyway, I needed to vent about how frustrating and kind of infuriating that episode was. And since I’m sick and can’t talk I couldn’t “yell” at the TV.

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