YouTube Related

YouTube Required?

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been checking out a lot of tips and advice for blogging, and it seems like almost everyone who has a successful blog has a fairly successful YouTube channel to go along with it.

Is that a requirement now? Do you have to have a YouTube channel, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter all connected to your blog to make the blog successful?

I mean, seriously, it’s overwhelming and intimidating to think about.

Or maybe it’s just intimidating to me.

The idea of starting a YouTube channel has always been super exciting to me and something that I’ve sort of dreamed about doing. I’ve mentioned it before, but I think I only brought it up one time. I’m not one of those people who is good at putting themselves out there. I’ve talked about my anxiety a lot on this blog so I’m sure (unless you’re new) that you’re familiar with it. My anxiety is a huge issue for me and gets in the way of me trying new things. It’s why this blog isn’t “advertised” all over my social medias. I only linked it to Twitter because the majority of the people I know in real life don’t use Twitter.

I’m not ready to tell my family about the blog yet, so clearly I’m not ready to put myself out there in a more visual way. Right now you all get a look at what goes on in my brain, but you don’t really get to see me. You all get to imagine what I might look like, what clothes I might wear, etc. The idea of actually doing a video, putting that out there for everyone to see and critique, makes me feel sick. I’ve seen the hate and negativity on YouTube channels of people I love, people who have millions of followers and people who think they are amazing, and I know I can’t handle it. Not with my current mental state. Maybe some day.

But I’ve gotten completely off track.

Is YouTube a new requirement for being successful in the online world? It seems like everyone has a YouTube channel and they all post videos. At least one a week. Blogging might be their main job, but it seems like almost all of them do YouTube too. How do they manage? And does everyone have to do that?

This scares me.

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