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YouTube Blog Advice

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been checking out some YouTube videos about blogging to see if I’m doing anything right. And I guess I’m not. At least according to what I’m seeing in these videos and hearing from these people.

It sucks hearing that you’re doing things wrong. It sucks hearing that you aren’t going to get anywhere with what you’re doing. And I’m not sure where to go from here. Based on what I’ve been seeing I basically need to delete everything on here and start from scratch because nothing I’ve done so far is good.

Is that true? Do you guys think I’m doing anything right?

According to what I’ve been seeing/hearing/reading I shouldn’t be talking so much about myself. I shouldn’t be using images that I don’t take myself. I shouldn’t be posting about totally random things, I should pick one thing to talk about, that I’m passionate about and make sure that my blog posts connect. There’s so much that I’m apparently not doing that I should be, and a lot that I’m doing that I shouldn’t be.

So what do I do? What am I doing here? I started this as an outlet, a way for me to keep track of my journey through therapy and depression. Yes, it’s something I want to keep doing because it helps me, and hopefully it helps at least one other person.

But, the more I write posts, the more I take the time to do this, the more I wish I could do this as a job. Not necessarily as my only job, but as a job. I love to write and I love to connect with people through the internet. With as much social anxiety as I have connecting with people online has been amazing for me. It allows me to expand my group of acquaintances and friends without making myself sick and stressed out.

Right now I’m feeling discouraged and down. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing now.

I was never expecting this blog to become my entire income overnight, or after a year, or anything like that. But I do wish I could do blogging as a job. Not necessarily this blog, because clearly I’m not doing anything on this blog right, but I would love to create a particular blog that I could use as a job. Or at least as a side job or part time job or supplemental job.

Am I crazy? Is it stupid to want to be able to do this, or something like it as a job?

Has anyone else spent time watching any of these YouTube videos and felt this way? Has anyone gotten anything useful out of these videos?

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