Shopping Haul

Hey Everyone,

So I got a few things while I was shopping with my friend and I figured I would share what I got here.

We got Panera first and it was AMAZING! Even though I’m kinda sick I was lucky enough to still be able to fully taste everything and eat the things I wanted. I was a little concerned about my throat because it feels a little swollen internally so swallowing some things hurts a bit and is sometimes a little difficult. Anyway, I got there and did a lot of debating on what I should get and I ended up settling on the Napa Almond Chicken Salad sandwich and a cup of the French Onion Soup (I did a pick two). And I got a small drink and got the Acai Berry Tea. It was a delicious lunch, I ate every bit and I was so excited! I almost wish I had gotten another order of it to bring home so I could eat it the next day.

After Panera we walked over to Quickly and got a couple of drinks there. I got an extra-large mango milk tea with the large boba. I forgot to get it 50% sweet instead of 100% sweet (which basically just means they add more ice), but that’s okay, it was still amazing.

We took our Quickly over to IKEA and did some shopping. We wandered around the upstairs to check some things out, she was doing some pre-shopping for her boyfriend since he wants to start making some changes to his house so we looked at some bed frames and tables and things. Plus she’s planning on moving into a new place sometime within the next year or two so she wanted to get some ideas for that too. I found the table(s) I wanted and we also got a few plants and pots to put in our bedrooms. We had both read somewhere recently that the aloe vera plant is really good for bedrooms because it doesn’t need as much light as other plants and it is really helpful for cleaning the air in your room. So we each got one of those, I got another plant but it wasn’t really labeled so I don’t know what it was, and then I got 3 creamy white colored metal pots to put those in and one of my fake plants at home. I was supposed to get 4 pots, but I forgot to pick up the fourth one. Oh well. Other than that I just picked up a couple plastic container sets for food to put in the kitchen.

After IKEA we made a trip over to the mall. We went into the LUSH store where I got a couple of bath bombs. I got 2 Dragon’s Eggs, 1 Over and Over, and I got a Unicorn Horn bubble bar and the You’ve Been Mangoed luxury bath oil melting thing. I’m so excited to start using them. I really wanted to take a bath the night I got home from shopping so I could try out at least one of the products, but I was way too tired. Being sick really takes it out of you.

After LUSH we went upstairs and went into Box Lunch, which is an awesome store! It’s a total nerd store, but it’s fantastic!! Our store isn’t huge, but there are small sections of Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Dr. Who, Littler Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, The Nightmare Before Christmas and a whole bunch of other stuff. This store is just filled with tons of fandoms and I love it! It’s also got a pretty cool section of, I’m not really sure what to call it, but candles, crystals, bath bombs, etc. Just a miscellaneous section full on fun stuff. I had gotten a couple of keychains with crystals on them a couple months ago and had given an energy quartz crystal to my step mom. She took it with her to Disneyland on her purse and lost the crystal. Although she decided that it just meant someone else needed the crystal more than she did, I decided I wanted to replace it, which is really why we went into the store. Unfortunately they didn’t have any more of the keychains. I ended up buying her a necklace though. It’s got an amethyst crystal wrapped in silver roses on a silver chain and it’s supposed to help repel negative energy, which is something she says she’s been having trouble with. So I’m excited to get that to her. I think I might even send it in the mail so it’s a total surprise.

She always cries when I give her things. I think she’s surprised that I think about her as much as I do and I think it makes her feel more a part of my life. I think a lot of people with step parents, especially ones that aren’t around from childhood, have a harder time integrating them into their lives. I don’t have that problem. I love my step mom. So much. And she is a huge part of my life. She and I have similar taste in things so it’s easy for me to shop for her and find things that I think she’ll enjoy. So I frequently find little things for her and get them. It always surprises her and frequently makes her tear up. It’s really sweet that the little things I find for her mean so much to her.

After the mall we had to head home and be there for her older son to get home from school. Since he’s in kindergarten and takes the bus it’s required that an adult be present at the bus stop before he’s allowed to get off. Luckily we pulled into the driveway just as the bus pulled up so we were there to get her son. After that we picked up her younger son from daycare and I splurged and got us all pizza for dinner. Not healthy, but something I’d been craving for a while. I ate 3 pieces of pieces, and 3 pieces of bread. But that was it. Sounds like a lot, but the bread pieces weren’t too big, and I could easily have eaten more. Honestly, I probably would have if my throat hadn’t hurt so bad. But the later it gets at night the worse my sickness gets. Through the night and into the morning my coughing and throat are at its worst, during the daytime, after 10 am or so until about 5 or 6 pm I feel pretty good. I don’t cough as much during the daytime and therefore my throat doesn’t hurt so bad. So by dinner time it was harder to eat again.

After dinner I had to run back over to my mom’s house to pick up a pair of jeans. I talked to my sister for a minute, but didn’t want to stay too long or get to close to anyone because I don’t want to make anyone sick and she has a 5 month old. I headed home after that, got home pretty early actually, let the dogs in and put together the tables for my bedroom. Since the table I got was a little bigger/longer than I had thought it was I ended up having to move a bit of my own furniture around to make it fit next to my bed where I wanted it, but I actually really like how it turned out. I wish I could have gotten both tables in white, but it either came in a black and white combination or both of them grey, and I didn’t want grey. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to paint it one of these days.

After I put together my tables I threw out all the trash, got my stuff set up on the tabletop and then climbed into bed. It was about 9 o-clock by then and I was really worn out from coughing so much. The dogs wanted cuddles anyway so we all cuddled up on the bed, I caught up on my YouTube videos that I hadn’t watched during the day and when I was done with those I messed around on my computer for a bit while watching The Hills. (Yes I’m watching it again.) I watched a few episodes, did a few things on the computer, and then decided it was time for bed.

I had a wonderful day with my friend and got things that I needed. I mostly stayed within budget so that was awesome! And I also picked up my paycheck which ended up being about $100 more than normal because I accidentally (I literally have no idea how) ended up with about 10 hours more than normal. Honestly I was super excited about it because it didn’t feel like I worked any more than usual and it gave me some extra money that I can use during my second pay period this month to help cover any extras that I might need, like groceries or something. Really it’s just helped me catch back up to where I was before Christmas.

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