Political What?

Hey Everyone,

So I was talking to one of my besties, KK, the other day and she was talking to me about having a really crappy day at work. Apparently her workplace was having a theme week and it had been crazy hat day. So she wore a black kitty cat baseball hat with a cat face on it and ears and stuff. It’s super cute, we got it while we were touristing in San Francisco one day. It looks adorable on her and totally fits her personality. Seriously guys, she bought this hat like a year or more ago.

Anyway, I guess she got in trouble at work for wearing it. It was crazy hat day, so why did she get in trouble you might be wondering.

TWO people complained to management that she was forcing her political views upon customers and if they continued to allow her to wear it they would no longer be shopping there.

WHAT!?!?! She wore a cute kitty cat hat to work with no political affiliation to it at all, but because two people decided it was connected to the women’s march it became a political statement. She didn’t even know what the connection was.

I can see how someone might have connected the two. For the women’s march a lot of people were wearing cat hats, but they were all BRIGHT PINK! Not plain black. And none of the hats that were shows as being part of the political statement looked anything like what my friend was wearing.

In my opinion by those two people complaining to management they were creating a political situation where there wasn’t one. Creating drama where it wasn’t necessary. She was so angry and I was angry for her. It’s a hat people. A freaking hat. She didn’t say anything, didn’t make any comments, didn’t have anything else going on that might have suggested she was trying to make any kind of political statement. If anyone had bothered to ask they would have seen a confused expression on her face and probably would have immediately felt foolish for assuming that she was making a statement. In reality all she was doing was participating in a work place event.

The whole situation was just stupid and it made me really mad. It’s unlikely that companies are going to start telling customers that they can’t come in with their “Make America Great Again” hats or pins or shirts or anything else. I mean, I don’t see how it’s different for a customer, or person in general, to walk around spouting and sporting their political (or general) opinions in that way as not pushing their opinions on other people, but because an employee at a store that you shop in happens to be wearing something that YOU associate with a political statement it can’t happen?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. People can be such hypocrites it’s incredible. And so touchy.

As for me I am strictly keeping my political opinions to myself.

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