Sick, Sick and Screwed

Hey Everyone,

So in case you didn’t catch all my little comments about being sick, I’m SICK. Not: horribly sick, can’t function, bed ridden and feel like I’m dying, but still sick.

I’ve got an awful cough that won’t seem to go away, it kills my throat and my chest. My chest hurts so bad when I cough it brings tears to my eyes. I’ve been sucking down cough syrup and popping cough drops like candy and none of it seems to be helping. Sleep is tough because I cough so much and it hurts so much. I’m a little bit exhausted.

My throat feels swollen on the inside, so it’s hard to eat real solid foods. Liquids definitely go down better, although that hurts a little bit too. I’ve been drinking a lot of hot tea and spending a lot of time relaxing. I did go on my shopping trip with my friend but I wasn’t feeling nearly this bad when I went. Other than that I’ve pretty much been relaxing. Watching some TV, trying to get ahead on blog posting. Cuddling with the dogs. It would be nice if it wasn’t a result of being sick.

This cough is just killer. You know when you cough so hard you gag a little bit and feel like you’re going to throw up? Or is that just me? Anyway, that’s what every cough is like. I cough so hard it feels like I’m going to throw up. And my chest feels like it’s full of needles or something. It hurts so bad. And of course all my muscles in my chest and stomach hurt from all the coughing. My headaches are worse because it rattles my brain.

And my voice is pretty much gone. I sound super squeaky if I can make enough noise to be heard at all. My friends and family think it’s highly amusing (we’ve been snap chatting), but I don’t think it’s that entertaining. Mostly because it hurts.

Because I work with food I decided to take a couple days off. Saturday and Sunday will be spent at home trying to get better. And hopefully feeling well enough to get my house cleaned up. My plan was to clean today, but I feel so tired that I just can’t get anything done. I don’t think I would have even had the energy to build my tables if it had taken more energy than just screwing the legs in. I didn’t even need tools. Seriously though, I wouldn’t have done anything with them if it had been more complicated than that.

In terms of cleaning all I’ve managed to do is a load of laundry. But I haven’t put it away yet. It’s just sitting in the dryer.

I’m so worn out and tired. My throat hurts so much. Swallowing takes effort. I’m hoping to use a Lush bath bomb later and relax in the bathtub for a half hour or so. Let the bathroom get all steamy, relax and listen to some music or an audio book or something. Maybe before bed tonight.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to update you guys on the fact that I am really sick. Not just a little sick, but actually sick. It doesn’t happen to me often, maybe 2 or 3 times a year tops. So I’ve already got one this year. I’m really hoping that I’ll be okay by Monday, I can’t afford to take any more time off. Even if I am sick. I don’t get sick pay. If the new girl works for me on Sunday then I’ll work for her a different day during the week and that will make up for one day that I’m missing, but we’ll see what happens.

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