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Hey Guys,

So I feel like I haven’t updated you guys on my current YouTube obsessions. It’s kind of awesome, because I have a bunch of new obsessions. Seriously. Obsessions. I’ve seen almost every video they’ve posted, I watch their new videos as soon as they go up (when I can) and I follow them on every type of social media. So I’m going to link all of my new obsessions below and link in the most recent videos for each.

It’s going to look like a really long post, but really it’s just because I’m linking and inserting so much.

Also just a quick note, but I discovered these girls on accident through just one of them, but they’re all friends and they appear in each others’ videos a lot so I found the group of them through one person and I’ve been obsessed with all of them. Obsessed. Okay, I’ll stop using that word now.

So we’ll start first with the girl that I accidentally stumbled on and ended up following to find the rest of the girls. Her name is Remi and she’s amazing! I’ll link her two YouTube channels here and here. The first is her main channel, the second is her vlog channel. Both are amazing! Below is one of her recent videos to check out.

Next we’ll look at Lauren. I love Lauren. Her channel is LaurDIY and she is seriously the DIY QUEEN! Below I’ll insert one of her DIY videos. She also posts a weekly blog that’s pretty awesome. I love her DIYs though. They’re always things that just about anyone can do, they don’t seem super expensive, and they’re all really cute! I actually already tried out one of her DIYs and LOVED it!

In addition to Lauren and Remi in this little group there is: Mia (2), Tiffany (2), Alisha (2), and Ashley (2). (At least that I watch, technically there are other friends that pop in and out.) Everyone except Lauren has two channels so I’ve linked each of the channels so you can check them out. Below I’ve thrown in one video from each person, but not one from each channel. That would be too many videos in one blog post. But seriously, you should check out each person and check out both of their channels. They’re all a lot of fun and interesting to watch.

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