Shopping Day

Alright Guys,

Today is my big shopping day with my friend. I say big in the sense that we’re planning on going all day pretty much and we’ll be going to at least two very large places. The mall we are going to is HUGE, at least to us, we’re going to a neighboring town to go to these places because her town has nothing in it and my town has even less. And if you haven never been to, or heard of, IKEA, you totally need to check it out! Google it and check out their stuff, seriously, they have SO MUCH STUFF!

If you’re too lazy to Google it, I know I would be, it’s a two story building that is massive, like a warehouse. The top floor holds a restaurant and is like a show room. It’s where they style rooms, have all the furniture pieces put together, decorated, etc. It gives you an idea of what the things you’re buying could look like in your own home. It’s really amazing. They even have little set ups scattered throughout the show room that can show you how much/what you can fit in a certain amount of space. Like 365 square feet and such. It’s awesome!

Most people start upstairs, take a look at everything and then move downstairs. Downstairs is more like a warehouse area. Downstairs is where you find and pick up the items you decided you had to have. There are decorative items, dishes, kitchen things, pots, pans, storage, candles, plants, etc. There are tons of things to look at both upstairs and downstairs. And at the end of the downstairs area is where it gets really warehouse like. That’s where you pick up all of your actual furniture items. Everything, pretty much, comes flat packed in boxes. It’s all build yourself at home furniture so it’s easy to transport and all of the showroom pieces have labels on them that tell you where to find them downstairs in the warehouse section.

I seriously LOVE IKEA! I used to go every other week or so just to check things out, look around, see if there’s anything new or anything I missed that I’ve decided I need. I also love to go just to be inspired. IKEA is probably one of the main inspirations for why I think I would love to be a designer. I mean, I’ve designed my own spaces for as long as I can remember, but IKEA has always been a huge source of inspiration for what I want to do in my spaces. It’s where I buy all my furniture. It’s where I buy a lot of my bedding and random storage things.

When my mom, sister and I moved into our house when I was a child my mom outfitted almost our entire house with IKEA stuff. She spent around $2,000 and got 2 twin beds, a queen size bed, a dresser, nightstand, dishes, closet organizers (not super good ones, but ones that would work for my sister and I), and I don’t even know for sure what else. When we moved in we didn’t have any of that stuff already, I think we had a couch and that was about it, so we needed everything else, and we got it all for way less than it would have cost us if we had gone somewhere else. We even got desks there at some point, but I’m pretty sure that was when we got older.

IKEA is really great. I know I’ve talked about it before, and maybe I’ve even gone over all of this before, but I just love IKEA so much. When I moved to my dad’s I took my furniture with me, and eventually ended up getting rid of all of it and upgrading to bigger furniture. Stuff that fit my more “grown up” personality. And since then I’ve gotten all new furniture again. When I had moved back into my mom’s place after living with my dad a while I was lucky in that my mom had already replaced the bed I had taken to my dad’s so I had a bed and I ended up with a hand me down dresser that was my sister’s. During that time I actually bought an entertainment center/storage unit thing from IKEA. It was HUGE and took a while to put together, but it held my TV, all of my books, and some other random things. It barely fit in my room and in the long run was way too big for a space that small. But I loved it at the time.

After moving to Texas and back I needed new furniture, again. I had left a lot of my random furniture in Texas. I hadn’t taken anything that was too important with me in terms of furniture, except for a table that belonged to one of my great-great-great?-grandparents. My grandparents gave me the table when they moved and it’s been moving around with them, or with me, since they got rid of their place. I wish I hadn’t taken it to Texas because it was really tough getting it back to California, but at the time I didn’t imagine that I would be coming back to California after six months. In the end we made it all work. But as I said, I needed new furniture after coming back. I had to buy a new bed, which I’ve posted about in another blog, a new dresser, which I think I posted about too, and I new storage unit to put my TV on.

Of course, all the new furniture had to fit in a super tiny bedroom so I went for multifunctional pieces. The bed that can be a king or a twin, a standard dresser that doubled as my vanity, and the storage piece that also held my television. When I moved into my grandma’s house all of that furniture came with me, and I didn’t end up needing to buy too much. I had a few pieces that I had been storing that hadn’t fit in my bedroom at my rental so I filled up my current bedroom rather quickly. Now I’m trying to de-clutter and simplify it a bit so I’ve got to get a couple new things to replace some of the things that need to come out. Although I’m not sure I’m going to be able to afford replacement items anytime soon. For now I need to focus on making the room functional.

Which is what IKEA is going to help me with today. I’m determined to get a nightstand of some kind. I actually found a really cute nesting side table on the website and I’m seriously considering getting that. I need to see it in person though and make sure it’s the right size. Getting two tables for the price of one would be awesome because I could use them for two different things. So I’m hopeful that it’ll be the size I’m hoping for and will work out in my room.

Wow, I got way off track here, but it’ll be okay. Hopefully my rambling isn’t too bad.

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