Thursday Night

Hey Everyone,

I got a call from my aunt last night. I hadn’t heard from her in a while so I was a little surprised. She lives right around the corner from me but surprisingly we don’t see each other that often or talk that frequently. We did for a little while but then we both got busy with things and things just kind of dropped off. No biggie. We know we can count on each other if we need something.

Anyway, I guess she got a call from one of my other aunts who had been checking out my Facebook page and said that she was worried about me. I had made a small status update on Facebook about how much I love my family and about how they are awesome. Not for any particular reason, just because I love my family and wanted them to know how grateful I am for all of them. Even the ones I don’t get to see or talk to that often. Shouldn’t have been a big deal right? But apparently it was. My whole family made a big deal about it and kept asking me if something was up or if something was wrong or what had happened to cause me to post it.

I was just feeling thankful. Sheesh.

So she called my aunt that lives around the corner and asked her to check on me. So she called me last night and invited me to go out and have a couple of drinks with her at the casino in the next town over. I didn’t really want to go at first so I said I didn’t have any clean and dry clothes (which was half true) and she said she’d wait for something to dry so I grabbed a clean pair of clothes and headed over to pick her up after about a half an hour.

Now we all know I’m super broke. So I wasn’t really planning on doing much while we were there. Maybe having a drink and playing a few bucks in a slot machine. But my aunt bought me a drink and gave me $50 to gamble with in the slot machines. She said it was her way of paying me back and thanking me for picking her up a couple hours away earlier this month. I told her it wasn’t necessary, but she insisted. So I had a bloody mary and we started playing some games. At first I wasn’t doing very well, but we moved around to a few different machines and my aunt was doing amazingly. One minute she was down and then she was up $300. She cashed out and we put some of the money away and moved to a different machine.

Finally I started doing better. I was up. Not by a lot, but by about $30. I cashed out my ticket, put the $30 away in my pocket and played with the rest. I started with the $50 she gave me, and told her I’d give it back to her before we left and just keep whatever I ended up making extra, but she said no. We played for quite a while. At least 3-4 hours. I never spent more than that $50 and ended up coming home with $200 in my pocket.

I hit a few lucky machines is all. I know that. And if it hadn’t been for my aunt asking me to come out and giving me the money to play with I wouldn’t have come home with anything. I’m glad I didn’t spend any additional money. And I only had the one drink which was probably a good thing. But I played for a long time and “made” $200. I have to put $100 away in my account and not touch it. I’ll need it to pay for a couple of bills and keep my account afloat. But I am going to take $100 to the store and buy some healthier food and a couple other things I just realized I need. Dog food and such.

So, I got lucky last night. I had been considering asking my mom for some cash to help me get through until payday, now I don’t have to. I’m pretty excited about that. And it’s all thanks to my aunt and a few lucky spins on a slot machine.

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