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But Why is the Book Done?

Hey Everyone,

I finished Scrappy Little Nobody, and I am kind of sad that it’s over. It was amazing! So funny! So interesting and definitely entertaining. Over far too soon for my taste, but that’s always a downside of listening to a book rather than reading it on your own. It’s easier to speed right through it.

So what did I really think? What opinions do I have? What were my favorite parts?

It’s all really good and I can’t think or any particular part that was my favorite. I enjoyed all of her stories about her struggles to become famous, thinking more people would know what she was talking about, living in L.A., and trying to be cool. There were great family stories, stories that tracked all the way from childhood through to more current times and stories about other celebrities that make you want to hear more.

I’m not explaining this well. I’m sorry.

The truth is I loved the book so much and I was super bummed when it ended. And now that I’ve listened to it I’ve got Anna on the brain. Literally. All of my thoughts and life narrations are being told in her voice. With her random outbursts (just like she does in the book) and manner of speaking. Although it’s starting to wear off a little bit now (I finished the book two days prior to writing this, yes it was that fast) I still get random bursts of Anna in my head.

It’s actually a lot of fun having thoughts in your head in someone else’s voice. It isn’t like hearing voices, or having multiple personalities in my head, it’s just her voice saying my thoughts. Like she’s reading my own personal internal book out loud to me. It’s pretty awesome.

You know how sometimes you read things about celebrities, interviews or bio stuff and you think “wow, I think if I knew them we would really hit it off and be friends”. Well after listening to this book and hearing about Anna as a child, she and I would have totally been friends. And would probably still be friends. We were actually pretty similar, but also totally different. Our anxiety stuff sounds super similar, as does our school/friend situations. So I think she and I would have hit it off.

If only we hadn’t been on opposite coasts of the country! Why god why!?!?! Just kidding. Sort of.

Anna talks about growing up in Maine, deciding to work in theater, and her earlier jobs and how some of the people she met along the way impacted her career choices.

She starts the book talking about how and why she wrote it and tells you outright that it’s more like having a one sided conversation with her. And it really is. It really feels like she’s talking to you and telling you stories and stuff. You just don’t get to talk back. Which is okay because once she starts you really don’t want her to stop.

She’s funny and sarcastic and has an attitude from early on. Her personality is wonderfully entertaining and you can actually picture some of the scenarios she talks about and imagine a young Anna going through these situations. She’s a great storyteller.

I’ve already decided that I’m going to listen to it again in a month or two. See if I get more out of it than I did this time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I got stuff out of it. How it’s important to be yourself, how sometimes having a backup plan just gives you the opportunity to back out before you really give something a shot, how it’s okay to struggle if it means doing what you love, and how everyone has failures and fears.

It doesn’t hurt either that Anna talks so openly about her anxiety and how it’s affected her throughout the years. It makes me feel better about my own childhood.

This book isn’t a self help book in any way. It isn’t about teaching people how to persevere or follow your dreams. It really is just a look into Anna’s life up until now. It helps you connect to her, helps her seem more real and less like a far away character in a dream land we wish we could be part of. Her embarrassing tales make you feel less embarrassed about your own mistakes and her triumphs make you want to strive for something similar in your own life. It’s inspiring in a subtle way and she isn’t in your face about her success.

Overall the book really is just a great kind of fun read. Or listen in my case. Eventually I’ll probably discuss the book in a different way. While holding a physical copy in front of me that I can quote and reference certain pages and chapters. Which is currently hard to do because listening to it only, and generally while driving, means I can’t copy things down or make too many notes about what I’m hearing and when. I saw the book at Target for a reasonable price, so when I get some extra cash I’ll buy a hard copy of the book to use as a reference in a separate blog post that’s more detailed and less general.

My final thoughts:

GO! RUN! Go online, go to Target or a book store and BUY THIS BOOK! And then actually read/listen to it! If you like Anna Kendrick at all you’ll enjoy this book. As far as I’m concerned, even if you don’t know who Anna Kendrick is, you’ll still enjoy the book. Get this book! Seriously folks. It’s so good.

If any of you have any book recommendations for me leave them in the comments. Or if you have anything to say about this book leave that in the comments. I’d love to hear from some of you. Book suggestions though, could really use some of those.

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