Hey Everyone,

So I mentioned before about perhaps journaling my dreams and got a couple of positive responses. So I thought I would start today because I had the weirdest night full of the weirdest dreams. Seriously. So weird.

I had about 5 or more weird dreams last night. Some were a little bit terrifying, at least in the moment, and some were just weird.

So the first one that I can really remember was kind of terrifying so it woke me up. Which is probably why I remember it so well.

Now, for a general disclaimer before you go any further. This is kind of horror movie based, so if they freak you out, jump down another paragraph and skip this dream. I’m starting with it because it’s the one I remember the most and I want to get it out on “paper” before it starts to fade.

Basically I’m living in a weird little seaside village. And it’s dark, like all the time. Not pitch black, middle of the night dark, but dark. And there’s a “Ring” kind of vibe to it. The only parts I really remember don’t really have a cause, or a beginning, or an end. I mean, I woke up in the middle of it so I didn’t get an ending. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. There’s a woman in the dream, and she’s got long black hair and slightly asian features. She’s an adult, thin, and grey looking. She’s strange, doesn’t really talk, has haunted eyes and just kind of wanders around town. But it’s like she’s only been this way for a couple of days because you see people trying to talk to her like they know her, and failing. She just stares at them blankly with her haunted eyes and they eventually walk away looking over their shoulders at her trying to figure out what’s wrong. All of this takes place in just a few minutes really, not like it’s moving in fast forward, but the dream hadn’t been going on that long, it just felt like it. It becomes night time and the woman meets up with a younger girl. Not a child, but someone in their late teens. When she meets up with this person they just stare at each other for a minute and then the lady with the long black hair opens her mouth, really wide. And pulls out a weird water bottle like thing that glows kind of a pale white color. And the new girl opens her mouth really wide and shoves the bottle down her throat. And you can see her change. She becomes more like the lady with the long black hair. Distant, not really there, with haunted eyes and she immediately starts wandering around town not acknowledging people or anything around her. And the lady with the long black hair, she starts getting thinner, and looking like she’s going to deteriorate and fall apart in front of your eyes. But slowly. And for some reason, whoever I am in the dream, decides to attack her with ropes and sort of tangle her in a rope. She ends up with a rope wrapped around her throat and tangled around the rest of her body. And I seem to be the only one that knows that she’s dangerous and needs to be gone. I drag her with the rope down the stone pier that’s in the town and I push her into the water. Tangled in the rope she can’t swim so she sinks. The process sort of repeats with the next girl, but this time I don’t attack her with rope and instead within a few minutes she has turned into a large, grey, hairless rat which I repeatedly stomp on until it’s dead. (Gross I know.) When I woke up though someone else was swallowing the weird glowing bottle thing. So, nothing gets resolved, nothing is explained, and I honestly am unsure what it was all about. But it was creepy and kind of scary and was really freaking me out. It’s hard to actually put it down on paper because I can’t get the feelings across and the way they changed from instant to instant. But they were all bad feelings. Fear. Danger. The need to run/fight. It was strange and creepy and just *shudder*.

Okay, if you wanted to avoid the creepy dream it’s over now and you can feel free to read again.

The second dream I remember was strange, but also kind of normal. I’ll explain. In the dream I’m in like Mexico or something with my dad, and we live there. And we’ve been traveling, and for some reason Mexico is near Hawaii and somewhere else and it’s not connected by land, only water, but it’s not really close enough to swim (even though in my dream I do). The water is warm and comfy and you enjoy being in it. And we are trying to go from one part of Mexico (by swimming) to another because we have to go home, but we end up in Hawaii (still swimming), which doesn’t make sense I know, and then we end up in a different (wrong) part of Mexico. While we’re in this new part of Mexico we have no food, no money, nowhere to stay and I’m supposed to be teaching/helping out at a local school. (Which again doesn’t make sense because we aren’t even supposed to be here.) But while I’m working at this school (which I remember being really run down and mostly made of clay) I meet this little girl and her brother and they’re really sweet and nice and they find out that we don’t have anywhere to stay and invite my dad and I to come over for dinner and her parents kind of take up in and let us stay there for a while and help us get on our feet and get things figured out. Really nice and sweet and it’s a lot of fun because the kids and I get along really well, my dad helps their dad work on cars at his auto shop and the mom and I cook and take care of the kids when we’re home from school. Eventually it’s time for us to leave and as a thank you for all of their help and kindness my dad buys them a truck. A big, brand new, shiny, black pickup truck. An expensive one. And we work really hard to surprise them with it. And they’re kind of angry, they don’t want us thinking they’re a charity case and the dad feels bad that we’ve spent so much money on them. But this is totally something that my dad (and I) would do for people if we could afford it, in my dreams and in real life. We convince them to keep the truck and they’re so grateful and excited. And then it’s like two weeks later and we’re finding out that they’re having serious money trouble and thinking about having to sell the truck if the wife doesn’t do well on a lottery show that weekend. So we go to support her on the show, even though there’s nothing I can do, and she ends up winning a couple million dollars. So the end of that dream was really good at the overall dream wasn’t bad, strange, but not bad.

My other dreams were a lot less scary, although one had some suspense in it that eventually woke me up. Which is the one I’m going to talk about now, because the others are fading and I can’t really remember them now.

The last dream I had was also really weird and didn’t really make any sense. This dream almost felt like a continuation of the other, without any of the same characters/situations/or locations. Super weird, but it somehow felt connected. In this dream I’ve gotten into a fight over something that I felt was really important to me, but required me to do something I wasn’t supposed to do. Not entirely sure what it was, but it involved me breaking into someone’s property/backyard area. It started with me fighting with my parents (who weren’t actually my real life parents) about what I wanted to do, and it’s me and some random guy who’s supposed to be my boyfriend or something, and my brother (who I don’t actually have in real life, only a sister) and we’re arguing our case and my parents are pissed and screaming at us that we’re being stupid and going to get in trouble blah blah blah. So the three of us take off down our driveway on wheeled things. My brother jumps on one of those weird skateboard like things that you lay on while going downhill. So he’s on that, with a helmet, laying down going down our driveway, which leads to a windy downhill road. The area we live in is kind of woody, life living in a forest on a mountain with a lot of rock and water and stuff. Everything is green and beautiful and  smells clean like it just rained. It’s a beautiful place. But anyway, my brother is on the weird skateboard thing, I’m already in/on a motorized scooter/wheelchair thing, and my “boyfriend” puts the scooter thing on another scooter type thing and he climbs on the back and we all take off down the hill like our parents are going to chase us or something. But I keep crashing and falling off the little scooter thing that my motorized scooter is on. And eventually we crash in front of some kind of rock business and ditch the little scooter and weird skateboard thing and all just pile onto my motorized scooter to continue down the hill. And the thing goes pretty fast. Although I’m not sure why I have it. Anyway, we get to the house that we’re supposed to be breaking into. But then I’m all alone. I don’t know if the guys are being lookouts or what, but suddenly I’m breaking in alone. I can see the people who live in the house through the windows, eating their dinner, drinking coffee, laughing together. And I wait until they aren’t paying attention to climb their fence. The fence is metal wire, the larger rectangle wire versus chain link. But it’s been wrapped around 4 or 5 times so it’s more stable and thicker. And I run and jump half way up the fence and climb over as quickly as possible. The fence is wobbly and wiggles a lot at the top, but I make it over and jump down. I’m in this rectangle of dirt surrounded by this fence. It’s more like a cage. And I know that some kind of larger animal lives in this pen. But I’m not sure what. I sneak over to the side of the house and crouch down under the window. They’ve got one of those houses that has a room that sticks out of the side of the house on an upper story creating an overhang which is what I’m under. And under that there’s like a little, tiny square door in the wall that leads to their actual backyard next to their garage. And the space is small. And for some reason I know that I’ve been here before and that other families have lived in this house and that most of them don’t know it’s here or where it goes. So I open the door expecting it to be empty and full of cobwebs, but instead it’s full of random food. Like they’ve been using it as excess storage. So now I’m panicking because I don’t know what to do with all of this stuff while I’m crawling through this tiny space into the backyard. And while I’m trying to figure it out I can hear the people above me walking directly over where I’m laying down to look into this space and I’m panicking. My heart starts beating faster and I can hear the floorboards creaking and I’m terrified. There’s a door near where they’re standing and it goes down the stairs and leads out right about where I am. I hear the door opening and I can hear them talking although I can’t understand what they’re saying.

And then I wake up. In a complete panic. Expecting someone to be opening/walking through a door any second. Which is crazy since I live alone and my dogs would be going insane if someone were to be anywhere near my house.

So anyway, those are my dreams, or at least the ones I remember. I hope you guys enjoyed reading them and getting a weird little look into my head. Talk to you guys later!

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