Alright Guys,

I’m actually pretty proud of myself right now. It has been a fairly productive day.

I did my laundry. Did all the dishes. Watched a movie I’ve been meaning to watch (well finished it). I started it last night but then my power went out because of the weather. I started a new book which you guys will learn about in a day or two. And I got some other little things done around the house. Even got some things done in preparation for redecorating my room.

I am actually really happy with what I got done so far. It’s still early, so I’ll get a few more things done.

There was actually something specific that I was talking about when I said that I was proud of myself but now I can’t remember exactly what it was. Oh well. I’m still proud of the other things. I got some good things done today and am ready to face tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll get some more things done, like finally taking down my Christmas tree. I was going to do it a couple weeks ago, but I just love having it up. It’s so pretty and makes my living room look so much more cozy. But it really is time for it to come down.

Next up for me is putting away what’s left of my laundry, cleaning up my mess from lunch/dinner and I don’t really know what else. But I’m feeling pretty motivated to get some things done. So off I go, back to work. Back to getting things done. Back to giving myself a reason to be proud of myself.

Some days it’s the little things.

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