Writing A Book

Hey Everyone,

So I’ve been thinking of projects that I can start working on that help get out some of that ridiculous creative feeling that I’ve been having. I call it ridiculous because it’s actually been kind of an overwhelming feelings. It seems strange, but I’m not really that creative of a person. Now, I can decorate a room like nobody’s business and do it without blowing a ton of money, but other than that I’m not great at putting things together and being creative about things.

I’m not even that great at coloring adult coloring books because they end up looking like totally random messes of color because I’m kind of OCD about not letting colors touch. Which results in my using way too many different colors in one design and it just looks like a disaster of random color.

I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creative things, I want my work to be perfect. It’s why I don’t draw, sing, dance, paint, or create pretty much anything on my own. My sister thinks I’m crazy because I can draw some things in a pretty decent manner if I use a grid layout and draw everything square by square. But I’m really not that good at it and I can’t draw to save my life if I’m not straight up copying something using a grid layout.

Random weird fact, my wood shop teacher actually did a better job of teaching me how to grid draw than my art teachers in high school did. Shout out to Mr. Legs (not his real name) for helping me out with that!

Anyway, I’m really good at English and I used to be a decent storyteller when I was a kid. Back before I started worrying about whether or not people would like what I was making up. I’m thinking of going back to that. I really want to start doing something creative with my time. My spare time that is. I still have to work and create blog posts regularly, but I want to have something creative and random that I can work on when I’m just hanging out at the house and feeling that crazy strong urge to do something creative.

So I’m thinking about writing some kind of book. I’m not sure what it will be about or how I’ll write it or if it’ll even stick as my creative project, but I think it’s worth a try. I’ve been having some really crazy dreams lately and I feel like I might be able to turn them into some short stories that might all end up meshing together in some way. Or maybe it’ll just be a bunch of crazy short stories, I’m not sure. But I think it could be interesting to take what I’ve been dreaming about and turning it into a much more in depth and lengthy story.

Okay, quick side note, so my big “scary, vicious, dangerous, enter other stupid stereotype here” pit bull just climbed into my lap in a big hurry and started shaking because the central heat in my house just turned on and it scared her. So cute!

Back to the book, I’m not sure if it’ll work out and I’m not sure when or if I’ll even get is started, but I at least needed to get the idea out “on paper”.


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