Hey Everyone,

So I’ve been having some super weird dreams lately. One about a friend and I and a weird amusement park kind of thing. And one about my mom becoming an insane driver with some weird type of road rage going on.

I’m thinking about keeping a dream journal of sorts here as part of my blog. What do you guys thing? Would that be interesting to anyone? Or should I keep them to myself?

Let me know what you think and maybe it’ll become a featured thing around here.

6 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Hello Growingup2nd,

    I would recommend that you share your dreams, even if most people do not care about them, you may find that sharing your dreams each day (even if you can only remember one word or one thing or nothing) helps to improve your dream recall. 😉

    Good luck,
    -John Jr


  2. I think reading about your dreams would be cool, as long as the details you disclose on any nightmarish dreams aren’t too frightening. 😂 Aside from that, I would enjoy it.


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