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Dreamy Kind of Day

Hey Guys,

So today was kind of awesome in terms of my online life.

Danielle Mansutti from YouTube actually retweeted me! And she quoted one of my tweets and commented! So I totally had a fangirl moment (or two) and took screenshots of both things and posted them to my Instagram.

It might be really silly but I’m always super excited and appreciative when celebrities, or celebrity types, respond to their fans/followers in any positive way. And I’ve noticed that YouTubers are the best at keeping in touch with their fans and interacting with them regularly.

So far I’ve been able to interact with THREE of my favorite YouTubers!! And it’s been super exciting each time!

I’ve gotten to speak with Shannon of Shaaanxo, Karissa of Karissa Pukas, and now Dani of Danielle Mansutti! All of whom I follow and watch religiously! Karissa and Dani just did some basic, social media interaction, but Shannon and I actually had like a full on conversation which was super cool and very nice of her since she really didn’t have to chat with me when she did. But I appreciate all forms of communication from the people that I am inspired by.

Besides the super awesomeness that comes from just being noticed and acknowledged by Dani, I also got about 15-20 new followers on Twitter/Instagram because of it. Which is a little strange because I’ve never had that many followers on anything. I think I’m up to 61 on Twitter, and I’m not sure how many on Instagram. (Currently watching YouTube on my phone so I can’t check.)

In other news, my house is still dry in all the right places. The river has gotten quite full but the rain has slowed down significantly. I’m still prepared for a quick escape, but I’m less worried than I was yesterday when it was bucketing down rain for the second day in a row.

I also got a new coworker today. She is super nice and the mom of another coworker. She’s taking over for the grandson that I used to work with all the time, but he’s moving out of town to go to college so it isn’t convenient for him to work at our location anymore. I’m sure I’ll see him off and on, but not on the regular like I have been. So I’m working on training his replacement and trying to figure out how this is going to effect my schedule. Currently it’s only effecting it by having me work my full schedule instead of heading home early two days a week, which I can totally handle. As much as I enjoy being able to come home a bit early I could use the money that comes from working my complete schedule.

Thankfully tomorrow is my Friday and I’ll have a few days to get some things done around the house. And that will be three days that I’ll be able to stay home with my dogs and make sure that if anything happens I’ll be here to take care of it. Or at least take care of them. It’ll make me feel so much better to know that I’ll be here in case anything does happen so I can make sure that my dogs aren’t stranded or anything.

So that was basically my day. Clearly the highlight of my day was getting retweeted/quoted by Dani on Twitter! Still super excited about it! Other than that it was basically work as usual. Yay for tomorrow being Friday, and I’m done for the night.

Goodnight guy!

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