Holy Rain Guys!!!!!

So, it’s raining her. Like a lot. So much so that a lot of people are worried about flooding and a neighboring town is giving out sand bags to their citizens for free. I live pretty close to a river. And I’m surrounded by farming ditches that are quickly filling up.

Needless to say, I’m a bit concerned. 

My grandparents messaged me from Mexico to tell me to pack some clothes, food, and water and keep it in my car in case I have to leave quickly. So I’ve done that. 

What I’m most worried about is my dogs. 

Here’s the thing. When I’m at work, my dogs are locked in a pen outside. Stuck. No escape. If it floods they’ll be trapped. And if they close the roads I can’t go get them.

 It’s freaking me out. 

Now, it’s highly unlikely that it will happen. Odds are everything will be fine. But I’m still worried. I work 45 minutes away from where I live. And there’s really only one person near there who could go get my dogs and while I know they would I’m not sure they could handle it. So….I’m concerned. Nervous. Anxious. A little panicky. 

I  watch the clock all day waiting until I can go home so I can let them out and be with them and know they’re safe. They’re the closest things to children I have and I can’t imagine life without them. So if anything were to happen to them I’d be really super upset. 

In the meantime the back of my car is packed for an emergency and my room is mostly prepared for a flood just in case. Although really it’s even less likely that my room will be effected as it is that there will be a flood at all. 

It hasn’t really flooded where I live since I was around 7 years old. So chances really are that it’s going to be fine. But, for now, I’m worried. I’m as prepared as I can be, but I’m worried. 

I’m also prepared for lengthy power outages because there is a way higher probability of that than a flood. 

However, there is a decent amount of flooding in the areas/towns near my home. Maybe my concerns aren’t all that silly. I don’t know. I’ll keep you guys posted. 

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