New Room Time

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time for me. It’s time for me to redecorate my room.

I recently moved all of my furniture around and tried to organize it a little bit better but I think it’s time for more. My rooms have always been a very eclectic mix of things and as much as I love that I’m feeling the need for something a little more cohesive.

Of course, I’m totally broke so I’m hoping to redo my room on a super tiny budget. An almost nonexistent budget. Lucky for me I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas that will come in handy for buying some new decorations if I need them and can find the right ones.

I do have a few things that I already own that are sort of inspiring my new decoration ideas.

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a lot of pinks and golds in my room. Which is totally weird and new for me. I usually hate gold. Like actually hate it. I much prefer silver, but lately I’ve really loved the combination of pink and gold. Not like a rose gold, but pink and gold things.

I have this really cool pink/gold wooden sign hanging on one of my walls. It’s got a bunch of different fashion capitals from all over the world. Like Paris, Milan, New York, etc. It’s sort of what started the idea of doing pink and gold. Not too long ago, while I was Christmas shopping, I also found a stemless wine glass with a gold design on it that I really liked so I bought that. I also have a sign on my wall that says “Hello Beautiful” and it’s mostly pink. Then I found some really cute pink and gold wall decor at Target that they brought out for Valentines Day. I’m hoping to go back and actually find a few more things.

I’ve got a pretty eclectic sense of style so I’m not really looking for any particular style. A lot of people have a specific kind of style, like modern or classic or country or boho or whatever. I’m not like that. I will like totally random things that are from all kinds of styles. And I change my room frequently. Like every couple of months. Usually I change my room in one way or another every time the season changes.

When I lived at my dad’s place in Oregon I used to repaint my room at least twice a year. Sometimes even more often. Unfortunately I can’t paint here, but I can redecorate and move things around to try to make it better that way. I’m not sure what it is, but I absolutely love to redecorate and change things around and change things up.

Right now I especially feel like I need to declutter and grow up a bit. Or grow up decoration wise. I’ve got so much random stuff that doesn’t really fit being a grown up. And I’ve had such a hard time with feeling stuck in my younger self’s mind frame so I’m hoping with the addition of a more grown up bedroom it’ll help me feel better and more grown up. Maybe. It’s worth a shot.

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