Hey Guys,

So, I’m having a bit of a dilemma today. I’m feeling both super motivated and super unmotivated at the same time.

It is the most frustrating feeling.

Basically I’m mentally motivated to do all kinds of things and physically unmotivated to actually get up and do them. Although, I think part of it’s mental too because I can’t even be bothered to look at motivational things online even though I kind of want to.

An example:

I really have been trying to redecorate my room. I feel like I need a change, a bit of a refresh and it always makes me feel amazing to have my room cleaned up, cleaned out, organized and decorated in a pretty way. So I don’t feel quite motivated enough to actually get up and start physically working on things. No biggie, I figured I’d look around on Pinterest and try to get some ideas for things I could do to my room. Opened up Pinterest, searched room decor/makeover/design etc. but could I actually be bothered to look through things and save pins? No. I got about 15 lines down the page and went “meh” and minimized it. So frustrating.

I can’t say I’ve been lazy all day, in fact I haven’t even been home half the day. I drove a couple hours away to meet up with my cousin today and pick up my aunt to bring her home. She had gone to visit my dad and her daughter for Christmas/New Years and needed to get back home, but she hadn’t driven up there so she needed a ride of some kind. My cousin and I agreed to meet halfway between her place and mine so I could pick up my aunt. So that’s what I’ve done so far today.

I also made an appointment to FINALLY get my oil changed in my car, I’m only 3,000-4,000 miles overdue. Oops. And to be fair, I can’t really take credit for making the appointment because they called me after noticing in their system that I was off my normal schedule for coming in. Not their recommended schedule, but my schedule. I drive so much that I have to get oil changes much sooner than most people would because I reach the milage limit far before I reach the time limit. Anyway, that’s noted in their system apparently so they called to check if I needed to get it changed. So I booked an appointment for tomorrow morning. It’ll feel good to finally get that done.

Anyway, I haven’t really done much but drive today. And while that can be a bit stressful it isn’t really that big of a deal to someone who drives almost an hour each way every time they work. Not to mention I spend a lot of time in general traveling around and driving to different places. To see friends, family, go on vacations, etc. Even to get to a grocery store I have to drive a minimum of 20 minutes. Driving is just something I do. But today was a little more stressful than usual, it was almost all highway driving and it’s been bucketing down rain all day. And it snowed pretty hard on my cousin on her way down. Luckily she’s fairly used to snow and has a car that’s much more equipped than mine is for snow.

Back to my excess/lack of motivation. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Where they are caught with two sides of one coin? Two opposites? I mean, seriously, brain/body wtf? Please make up your mind about what it is you want to do.

I’m sure the logical answer is to just get up and make myself do things. The only problem I’m having with that is it’s cold and my head is bothering me a bit more than normal. (I don’t think I’ve explained about my headaches, but I’ll do that in another blog.)

I think the thing for me to do right now is start with something small. I’m going to finish this up, get up, turn something good on TV in my room and at least get my nails cleaned up and repainted. They’re a mess from Christmas. I painted them to look so pretty but my nails are so thin and messed up that they were chipping before the end of the first day. It makes me so sad. I really wish I could afford to go back to a nail parlor and get them done every two weeks. I would love to be able to go back to getting acrylics done, but I know I can’t swing that cost right now. I could maybe get away with just getting gel polish put on if I could find a closer, more convenient place to do it that only costs about $20, but so far the only place I’ve found like that is almost an hour and a half away. Only reason I know about it is because my friend lives near there and goes there and I’ve been a few times with her.

So, this is me, ending this blog so I can get up and do something slightly more productive with my evening. Although it is already 7 pm. Sheesh. I’ve only been home 3 hours but those 3 hours have just flown by. Time to get up and get moving.


I’m going now.

I’m getting up.

Walking away from the computer.

Okay, for real now, talk to you guys soon.

2 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. That sounds pretty normal… I’ve been in that place many many times. Usually when I recognize it, it means I need a break: I try to take myself out to do something new and different by myself somewhere. I focus on forgiving myself and taking it easy on myself.

    Just recognize that this place you’re now will also change before long!


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