My Christmas

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas/Holiday time this year! I know that I did!

I spent Christmas Eve with my family at my grandma’s house having our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, which consists of amazing homemade lasagna, bread and salad with Christmas cookies for dessert. We also opened our presents Christmas Eve this year because additional family comes over Christmas morning and it just gets to be too hectic, so we did a sort of half and half thing this year. Dinner was absolutely amazing, I ate way too much but it was totally worth it.

After presents and dinner my sister, her boyfriend, and her two daughters came to my house for a “sleepover”. I say “sleepover” because P and I came home first and pretty much went to bed. The original plan was to come home, watch a movie, eat some popcorn and drink some hot chocolate, but P was just way too tired. She fell asleep in the car about 5 minutes after leaving grandma’s house and barely woke up long enough to get into the house. She was up off and on for about a half hour, but once I turned on Tangled she was ready to go back to sleep, about 10 minutes in she asked me to shut it off so she could sleep.

Once she went to bed I went and checked on my sister, the baby, and the boyfriend to make sure they had everything they needed. I let them know they were welcome to eat whatever from the kitchen and watch whatever they liked on TV, then I went to bed. I was really tired for some reason and I hate leaving my niece in my room to sleep on her own, I’m always worried she’s going to wake up and panic because she’s alone and not in her own home. She’s usually okay, but when she does wake up she usually looks for someone pretty much right away, basically I just like to stay close by when she’s at my house. Even when she’s sleeping.

Unfortunately it ended up being a very long night for me. My littlest, but oldest dog, Kaylee, was having a bit of tummy trouble. Although she didn’t get sick during the night, and appears to be totally fine now, her tummy was gurgling and rumbling and bothering her so much last night that she was having a really tough time getting comfortable. Because of that she kept trying to get comfortable in all kinds of places, including on top of P, which I was afraid would wake P up. So, that kept me up for a while, every time I’d start to fall asleep I’d hear the tags on her collar jangling and wake up to make sure she wasn’t bugging my sleeping niece. After a while I picked her up and put her in bed with me, she paced around a bit and then decided she would be comfy if, and only if, she was laying up next to my head with her head on my shoulder. Which meant that I got to listen to her stomach and it’s lovely noises for the rest of the evening. It made it very difficult to sleep. But, you deal with things like that for your kids, even if they are “kids”. I was up for about two hours in the middle of the night with all of this before I finally fell back asleep.

I woke up pretty early this morning, let the dogs out, helped my sister with a few things, watched P open a present from my dad and step-mom, then we all rushed to get ready and get to my mom’s house so we could go back to my grandma’s for breakfast. We were a little bit late getting to my grandma’s house, but not too late and no one seemed to notice.

We opened the rest of the gifts while we waited for breakfast to be all the way ready and then we got to eat.

People, I am not exaggerating when I say that Christmas breakfast at my grandma’s house is one of the best meals every year. The whole family eats until we’re stuffed, there are rarely any leftovers, and there is a ton of food to start out with. Every year we make a double batch of a family dish that we call, Fancy Egg Scramble, I have no idea what the origin of this dish is, all I know is for us it’s a family/holiday thing. It’s kind of a pain in the but to make so we generally only make it for special occasions, for years my sister and I would request it as our birthday dinner because we loved it so much and wanted it more often. And we still request it on occasion because neither of us have mastered making it ourselves yet. Anyway, we had a double batch of that (because one batch isn’t enough for all the people, but it’s especially not enough when my grandpa and his son are eating), we had a large bowl of some kind of warm, spiced fruit dish, and we have cinnamon twists (another family favorite, but we only get this at Christmas). There are at least two dozen cinnamon twists, if not more, to start out with, and this year there were none left over. None. Usually there’s at least a few, but not this year, my uncle outdid himself with the cleanup. Hahaha. After breakfast we eat more Christmas cookies and visit for a little while before everyone heads home to see other family members, or just enjoy the rest of the afternoon before regular life resumes.

I left breakfast/brunch/Christmas morning a little early this year. I was tired from the night before and I really was just ready to be at home with my dogs, relaxing, because I have to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. A really long day. And I am not excited about it, but it has to be done. I came home from my grandma’s, let the dogs out, made myself some lunch (because by the time I got home I was feeling a little hungry again) and then crawled into bed with the dogs to relax. I watched some Netflix, took a 20 minute nap, watched YouTube videos (since vlogmas is ending) and had a cup of tea with some popcorn. That’s pretty much caught you up to this moment right now, currently I’m writing this blog and watching YouTube Christmas hauls on my phone.

So that’s it for me and my Christmas. (Sorry this post is so super long.) I’m going to watch some more videos, chill in my room with the dogs, drink some more tea, and eventually go to bed. I’ll try to get up a What I Got For Christmas blog in the next couple of days. I hope everyone had a fabulous day, and I hope tomorrow is just as good.

Goodnight Everyone

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