Time can be an amazing and horrible thing, all at the same time.

Good times go by so quickly and hard times go so slowly. When you’re caught between the two it’s like time stands still. You don’t know whether you’re moving forwards or backwards or staying in the same place.

Time screws with your head. It allows you to feel things and then in an instant can take it away.

Eventually time takes everything away.

Time seems to take more and more away from me every day. Sometimes it brings things back too, but usually it just takes things away.

Today it took away 2 (or 3 depending on how you look at it) things. And now I’m sitting here, alone, thinking about time. Thinking about how it works, why, etc.

I don’t understand how people use their time, or why they use it the way they do. I feel like we waste so much. I feel like our priorities are all screwed up. We spend all of our time on things we think will make us happy later instead of spending times on things that make us happy now.

There’s so much wrong with this world, so much of it is so difficult already, I don’t understand why we make it harder on ourselves.

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