I’m Sick


I feel like crap.

I’ve been sick for a week. I’m hardly ever sick.

Luckily I’m not dying sick. Just a stupid head cold. But when it’s been going on for a week it feels a little like death I guess.

My nose is stuffy and runny at the same time. And all the crap is making me sick to my stomach off and on. For a while I was coughing kind of a lot, but that seems to have mostly stopped now.

It’s such a bummer. Being sick at work has been the worst. Bending over makes me super dizzy and I’m trying really hard not to work around any of the food or drinks so I don’t manage to accidentally get someone else sick. I’m even keeping my distance from my coworkers. Sometimes it’s all a bit unavoidable, but I wash my hands like every 10 minutes. If I even wait that long in between. I dunno, I’d rather not be at work.

Hopefully today is still my Friday and they don’t need me to cover for anyone. I’ve got a date this Thursday/Friday. And hopefully by then I won’t feel as crappy and I’ll be almost done being sick.

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