Therapy Update

I had a therapy appointment this morning. It went really well. I love my therapist. She’s amazing.

We talked about how life has been going, I told her about my boyfriend and how amazing he is. We discussed my future and what kind of options I might have.

We talked about me maybe traveling. Finding a work exchange program of some kind so I can travel abroad and work in other countries.

Maybe becoming a travel writer.

An interior designer.

An editor.

A teacher.

An event planner.

We talked about how it’s important to decide what kind of things in life I value and try to work that into a career goal. She said that for her having time for family is important, and being able to take care of herself and her family should she need to. How she needed the stability and flexibility her job provided to feel comfortable picking her career and having the kind of family she wanted, with a house and a husband and kids and things.

So I’ve been given a homework assignment. I’m supposed to a) think about my values and what kinds of things I might want to do for a career that can work with those values; and b) think about what kind of careers I might want, and instead of thinking about why I can’t do them, come up with at least 4 reasons why it’s something I want to do. Why it appeals to me. And I have to write it all down and put it on some kind of poster or bulletin board so I can see it and rearrange it and try to figure out what kinds of careers might actually work for me and what I might be able to work towards.

In the meantime she’s encouraged me to look for a different job if I feel it would be beneficial to me to change where I’m working. She’s also encouraged me to try to focus on the happy things in life and not look for things that aren’t there. Or read too much into things that I should be able to take at face value.

Things I’m already working on. Things I’ve been working on.

We also talked about how it’s okay to pick a career and then change my mind. That sometimes people enjoy one career for a long time and then decide it’s time for a change and they pick something entirely new, and they survive it.

One of my biggest fears is picking a career and then hating it but feeling stuck in it and being afraid to change it. She’s helping me realize that it’s not something I really need to be afraid of.

I’ve got another appointment at the beginning of October and I’ll check in again in regards to therapy then.

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