Best BoyFriend Ever


Will have to wait and see.

So far my boyfriend is pretty awesome. He’s incredibly sweet, funny, nice, and good looking. He worries about me, which is something I’m not used to. He’s always checking on me to make sure I’m okay. Always making sure that he isn’t doing something to upset me. Always wants to pay for everything. Changed his work schedule and called in favors so we could spend more time together. Texts me all day long even though he hates texting, but he wants us to be able to chat and keep in touch while we’re working and such.

He even called me today to clarify a misunderstood text message because he didn’t want me to worry about it or feel badly about it.

Honestly, the sweetest guy ever.

And I’m so incredibly lucky to have found him. And to have him in my life.

And I just wanted to share that with the rest of you.


Oh, and just an FYI, he has a YouTube channel which I have linked here in case you want to check him out. Just remember, he’s all mine (wink wink).

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