Apparently that’s what I am.


It’s a word I’ve used my entire life and I never realized how harsh and hurtful it could actually be.

But I get it now. I get how hurtful it can be and how harsh it can feel.

I remember calling people annoying for various reasons throughout my life. It appears I’m the annoying one now.

I talk too much. I don’t know when to shut up or leave people alone. I bother people.

The only thing I can think to do is stop. From now on I’m not speaking unless spoken to. Which means I’ll probably lose contact with quite a few people. But the phone works both ways and if I’m not worth their time/effort to keep in contact with then why should I put in that effort? And be called annoying in the process.

No, from now on I’m only talking to people if they talk to me first. Unless it’s important. But overall I’m just done. I’m going to be quiet and retreat into my own little shell and mind my own business.

I know one of my friends would call this incredibly passive aggressive and therefore also annoying, and maybe it is, but at least people can’t accuse me of talking too much or irritating them by messaging them when they don’t want to be messaged.

I guess the upside is since I won’t be bothering other people I’ll have more time for blog posts.

Not that anyone’s paying attention to them anymore.

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