Borrowing Money

Hey Everyone,

I’ve come to a dilemma and I’m not sure what to do.

I’m broke.

So broke that I’m not going to be able to pay all of my bills this month if I don’t do something ASAP.

And I think I’ve run out of options.

I’ve got no job, no income, and no savings. It’s my own fault that all of this is the case, but I don’t really know what to do.

Except ask for a loan of some kind.

I wish I could go to the bank and ask for some kind of personal loan, but I don’t have any income or anything that I can use to get one. (Not that I’m really sure how all of that works, but I’m pretty sure without some kind of income I won’t be able to get a loan.)

The only thing I can think of, is to ask my great uncle. He’s taking care of the estate now that my grandma is gone and maybe he’ll be kind enough to loan me a couple thousand dollars until my inheritance comes through, or I get a good enough job to start paying it back.

I honestly don’t know what else to do. I feel like such a failure for needing to ask for money, but I’m screwed if I don’t. He’s already loaned me $1015 for my car payments for two months, but that’s gone now. I have over $1000 in bills every month so it’s easy to spend it all just on bills, and that’s really all I spent it on. My credit cards are pretty much maxed out. My bank account is down to just a couple hundred dollars and I need just slightly more than what I have to make my car payment. I had to borrow money from my mom to pay for the registration on my car.

Everything is coming up all at once. All the renewals and things. I don’t know if I have another choice besides asking for a loan.

My dilemma is, how do I ask? And what kind of terms do I offer? And what on earth am I going to do if he says no? I’m panicking. I feel like I’ve been in the middle of a panic attack for days. My dad gave me what he could, which kills me because he really doesn’t have any to spare. My mom gave me what I needed to pay for my registration, plus she bought me a bunch of clothes. My grandparents have no money, are letting me live in their house rent free, and they pay all the utilities and buy all the food. I literally feel like I’m out of options.

So, I’m going to ask my uncle today for a $4,000 loan. A huge amount to me, but maybe not to others. If I could get that I could pay my bills for a few months without too much stressing out and hopefully find a job that pays enough to start covering my bills on their own. I’ve got to do something. I’m going to lose everything if I don’t. And if I lose everything it will make finding a job almost impossible.

If I lose my car I can’t drive to get to interviews or work or anything else. If I lose my cell phone I can’t make calls or take calls about jobs or interviews. If I lose the internet then it seriously limits my ability to look for and apply for jobs. And there are only so many work arounds. No cell phone = see if I can use someone else’s as my contact number, or see if I can get on someone else’s plan for cheaper than my own. No car = borrow someone else’s temporarily, or just when I need to get somewhere. No internet = go to a public wifi spot to borrow that or use my mom’s. Yes, there are work arounds, but they all make everything else much more difficult.

If I lose my internet and my phone I can’t get in touch with anyone to do anything, including setting up/applying for jobs. If I lose my car I can’t get anywhere without someone’s help. And if I lose all three (which unfortunately is the most likely case if I can’t figure something out) then I’m totally screwed because I’ll have no way to communicate or get anywhere. This whole situation feels totally hopeless.

Even if I can borrow the money from my uncle it’s just a temporary fix for a much larger problem. I have to find a job. And I need to find one ASAP. Like yesterday. I’ve applied and applied and applied. I either get no response, a rejection letter, or an interview (just a couple total) that lead nowhere. I got a job but it was costing me as much in gas as I was making. Pointless. I had to quit.

Now I’m back to square one and out of options. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to tempt my uncle if he’s hesitant by offering to pay him an extra $500 as interest on the loan. But I’m hoping I don’t have to. When/if my inheritance comes through I’m going to need it to stay afloat, to get a little bit ahead, and to hopefully get some things taken care of that I’ve been putting off.

Anyone that’s been in this kind of situation might know how I’m feeling, but for those of you who don’t: Be Grateful. This is a horrible feeling. It’s a terrifying feeling. And I’m not totally sure how to deal with it.

If any of you read this, wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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