Is It Really the End of the World?

I’ll never understand people who think having a bisexual or gay child is the end of the world. Growing up my mom and I used to talk about it and she would always say to me that she wouldn’t wish that on her child, but she wouldn’t be devastated by it. But I see so many parents who are. So many kids who are afraid to come out to their parents.

I can understand why the kids are afraid, but I can’t understand why the parents are so upset. People use so many excuses: religion, grandchildren, marriage, etc. It’s all so stupid.

At this point almost anyone can adopt a child. While it isn’t easy, it is doable. So the excuse of ruined futures, no grandchildren, and no marriages. Life will be different, but if your child is happy why is that a bad thing?

I don’t really know how to argue this or what to say about any of it. I’m just so frustrated with people feeling like they can’t be themselves because they’re afraid their parents are going to disown them if they tell them who they really are. There is so much about it that frustrates and infuriates me. It’s depressing and angering and just not right.

Life is so unfair to those who are different.

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