Vacation Part V

It’s gorgeous outside today. It’s going to be hot since it’s already about 80 outside, but it’s beautiful. Blue skies, no clouds in sight, a light wind, and tons of sunshine. I might just go sit in it for a while. My arms and chest are fairly tanned but my legs are not even a little tan. So I might go sit in the sun for twenty or thirty minutes and see if I can’t get some color on my legs. A color that isn’t red or pink I’ll add. I do not want to get burnt.

Didn’t stay in the sun as long as I had planned to. It was too hot. I stayed in the sun for about 10 or 15 minutes before I got up and started walking around. I stayed outside for about 45 minutes, but half of it was in the shade. It’s a warm day. We’ve got the fan running inside the house, it feels wonderful.

We went to the party for the real estate office opening. It was fun. I met a lot of people and got to see a couple of dogs. The office is gorgeous. I didn’t really take that many pictures but somewhere in my phone or camera I have pictures of the sink in her bathroom. It is the most amazing sink! It looks like they took some kind of stone (a large one) and cut out and polished the actual sink portion and the outside just happened the be the right size and shape for a sink or something because the outside it textured like it wasn’t really messed with. It really looks incredible.

There were a ton of people at the opening. People from all over came to support the lady opening it. There was food and beer/wine. I stuck with water since I don’t drink either of those things. It was fun though. We stayed for quite a while and about the time that it was supposed to be wrapping up Grandma and I decided to head over to the restaurant. Originally the party was supposed to move over there afterwards anyway. But the lady ended up going home or to a bonfire or something so we didn’t see her again after we left.

Grandma and I walked to the restaurant since Grandpa wasn’t ready to leave the opening yet. It’s a good thing we left a little early too because we got to the restaurant in time to snag a couple of tables and the longer we stayed there the more people joined our table. Grandpa showed up eventually. Since it was Taco Tuesday Grandma and I ordered tacos (chicken of course) and she ordered a side or rice while I ordered a side of beans. After she and I had dinner we got a couple pina coladas. Grandpa ordered nachos and a couple margaritas.

After we’d been there about an hour or so after we got there the owners of the bar/restaurant (who are friends of my Grandparents) ordered a round of shots for our table in honor of a friend who had recently passed. Apparently he really loved to take shots. So we took two tequila shots for him. We left shortly after that and I had to drive home, apparently Grandpa had had more to drink than we’d realized and we decided it was better if drove since it was after dark.

After we got home and got everyone into bed it was time to relax. I played around on my phone for a while before finally going to bed. Grandpa got up at 5 in the morning to get ready and go fishing with a friend of his. Grandma got up and made him some lunch before he went. Grandpa was a little hung over so although he enjoyed his fishing trip he didn’t feel that great. He did catch a wahu (wahoo?) though. He brought home a chunk of it for my mom. She’ll be here on the 27th and will get to stay for 3 weeks. I’m so jealous that she gets to come for as long as she does every year. But I guess it’s all about the choices we make. She’s earned the break.

Grandma and I watched a movie while Grandpa was fishing. I picked some green beans out of their garden for them since they were ready. After a while Grandma and I walked over to the Organic Market and got some tortillas, then we walked over to the beach.

The beach was GORGEOUS! The temperature was just right. The sun was out but there was a lovely wind that kept it from being too hot. The waves were a really pretty green color as they came crashing onto the rocks that line the beach. There was a hurricane here a few years ago and it washed away a lot of the sand leaving behind all the rock formations, so now the sand is coming back but there’s still a lot of rock.

We found a quiet place (which wasn’t hard to do since our section of the beach only had about 6 people on it) and we took off our shoes and hung out by the water. I got soaked up to my waist. A wave crashed and splashed all over me so I sat on a rock where the waves were crashing to enjoy the water. It was cold when it first hit me then it felt amazingly warm. It was like heaven. I’m not usually big on water, but this was so wonderful and I would have stayed there in the water for a long time if it wasn’t for the fear of sunburn and sand in unpleasant places. We sat on some rocks farther back from the water for a while and I soaked up plenty of sun (I might be a touch sunburnt, but it shouldn’t be too bad, I’m only a little pink) while I let my clothes dry a bit.

Eventually we walked back to the house. I took a quick shower to wash off all the saltwater and sweat and then made myself a bloody Mary. It was really damn tasty. It’s another hot day, was 86 in the house last time I looked and 89 outside, but that was hours ago. I’m sure it’s warmer now. Luckily there’s still a nice wind outside that’s keeping it from feeling too horribly hot. I’m still a little sweaty, but nothing like it would be if there wasn’t a wind.

Since I’m already pink I’ve decided I should probably stay inside for most of the rest of the day. I go home tomorrow and I don’t want to end up adding to a burn (if I have one) and end up being miserable on the way home tomorrow and for my first few days back. It’s going to be strange enough going home because everything is so different between the two places.

Going home means back to work and school. I’ve got like 4 or 5 assignments that are due almost as soon as I get home. And I’m not sure when exactly I go back to work. But I know it’ll be soon. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to get my assignments done first and get a head start on things that are due a little later. It’s times like this when I’m really glad that I went ahead and did an extra weeks worth of work for my statistics class. I still have work to do for the class when I get home, but it’s a small assignment that shouldn’t take too much time and the I have next weeks assignments done already so that gives me a bit of a cushion if I need it, but I’m planning on trying to stay a week ahead in that class since it’s the only class that I can do that in.

Grandpa is sleeping, trying to get rid of his hangover. Grandma is reading in her room, she was going to lay down and try to take a nap but I’m not sure if she ever did. I took a little nap, for maybe 45 minutes. I kept waking up because I kept thinking I was hearing noises, even though I had headphones in and my iPod playing music. I have to make sure I get everything all charged u0p in the morning before I leave. I don’t want to be stuck on the plane with no forms of entertainment That would be bad. I’d be so bored. The flight is only about 3 hours, but 3 hours with nothing to do can be pure torture.

I’m still on the fence about leaving this place. My time went way too quickly. It feels like I only just got here. Grandma said the same thing while we were on the beach today, but I know they’re really excited to see my mom and she’ll be here soon so they won’t be bummed by my leaving for too long. Besides, I’m sure they’d like to have their house back without my stuff and me crowding them in their living space. Plus they treat me really well by paying for food and dinners and drinks out and stuff so I’m sure they’ll be glad to avoid those expenses for a while.

My mom pays for a lot herself when she’s here, they don’t let me pay for things. They’re even trying to pay me for pesos they gave me when I got here because I’m trying to give them back. I can’t use them in the states so I might as well leave them with them. I got the things I needed to get so I don’t need pesos for anything.

The inside of my thighs got a little bit chafed on the walk back from the beach. My fault for not wearing shorts that were longer. But I knew I wanted to get wet and I didn’t want to get my other shorts wet. I only had so many options. A lot of my clothes are dirty again. My carry on bag is going to be quite light. I’m kind of excited about that. Especially since I don’t have the shoulder strap anymore. It kind of broke so I took it off. Now I have to carry it by the handles and it makes my arms tired when it’s too heavy. As it is now there’s not too much in it and most of my stuff is packed. All of my electronics go in my backpack so my carry on is essentially packed. I’m going to put all my liquid stuff in with my dirty clothes and check that so I don’t have to worry about it and everything else is really light. I just have my clean clothes left in my bag with a few other odds and ends.

Hopefully my trip through customs once I get back to California will be easy enough. I didn’t really buy anything and I don’t think I bought anything that has to be declared, so I guess we will see how it goes. The only thing I can think of that I bought that they might even care about is the vanilla, but I’ve never heard of my mom having and issue with it and she used to bring it back all the time. The only thing to do is wait and see how it all goes. I just don’t want it to take forever since my friend is picking me up at the airport. I want to be done, ready, and outside when she gets there so she doesn’t have to circle around or try to find a place to park. I loathe the idea of paying for parking for the 2 minutes it’ll take to pick me up.

I’m excited to see her though. I’ve missed my friends while I’ve been gone. I want two of them to try to come up with a way to save enough money to take a trip down here with me sometime in the next year or so. One friend is really excited to try to figure it out and the other has kids so it makes it 3 times harder for her to get away for any length of time. For her it might just be a weekend trip or something. A long weekend, but a weekend.

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