Vacation Part II

We went to Buzzards for breakfast one morning. I’ve been there before and it’s one of my favorite places to get breakfast burritos. They have an amazing breakfast burrito with beans, cheese, avocado, eggs, bacon, and either red or green sauce. I always get the green sauce. It has more kick than the red and is a little bit tangier. I love it! When I first went there the burritos were so big we couldn’t finish them, but I ate all of mine the day before yesterday when we went for breakfast. I bought myself a tank top out of their gift shop. It’s just a plain white tank top with the Buzzards logo on the front. I almost bought a pink one but the pink color was just a little off for my taste. And they didn’t have grey in my size. I like the white though. It looks nice and I’ve got white tank tops so it isn’t like I don’t wear them.

We took the dune buggy over for breakfast and back and I got some really great pictures and videos of the water. I’ll do some messing around on iMovie and see if I can get the videos chopped together and get rid of the engine sound. It’s loud. There are some cliffs that you drive along while you drive out there and back so I got some pictures from there. It really is gorgeous here.

After breakfast we hung around the house. We played Mexican Train (dominos) and had some drinks. I’ve been drinking more often since I’ve been here, but still not enough to get drunk. One or two a day is usually the max I’ll drink and that pretty much stands while I’m here. I’ve had a couple bloody Marys and a couple pina coladas since I’ve been here. Everything has been really good. We were playing outside but the wind was knocking over our dominos quite a bit. It was a little bit annoying, but not really too bad. We ended up stopping after our double 3 round because it was getting dark and cold outside. We were going to finish up inside but it was already getting late and we hand’t had dinner yet. So we came in and made dinner instead and then sat around for a while. Watched Olympus Has Fallen (I think). I fell asleep during the movie, missed the most important ten minutes of the whole thing, so I’ll have to re-watch it one of these days.

Because there’s no city plumbing or electricity out here we try to be careful with our water and power usage. Everything electricity-wise is solar powered and all the water is trucked in and put into a tank that’s then pumped to wherever we need it by a pump that’s run by solar power. We also have a generator but we mostly use it for backup or when we need to run something that takes too much power for the solar to handle. Things like blow driers, toasters, and the microwave have to be run on the generator out here. We pretty much don’t use any of those things.

We haven’t made it to the beach yet. It’s been too windy. Yesterday we went into town. We needed some supplies, we were almost out of drinking water and Grandpa had run out of his V8 juice. We picked up all our supplies in Cabo San Lucas at the Costco and then drove out to a little strip mall where I did some tourist shopping. I got me a silver ring and some bracelets and I picked up a couple things for a couple of friends. Nothing super big because everything has to go home via plane, but I picked up something for Kitty and something for Scotland. That’s it for me as far as shopping goes. I spent half of my money and got everything I needed to get. I even remembered to pick up a bottle of vanilla extract for my grandma. The vanilla in Mexico is amazing!

We had lunch at a restaurant called Latitude 22 or 52 or something like that, most people call it No Bad Days because that’s the motto for the place. It’s a nice little place. I had some fish tacos and a pina colada. Grandma had a bloody Mary and a chicken sandwich, and Grandpa had a bowl of chili beans and iced tea. The place is pretty cool. Pictures line the walls inside and the outside seating area is really nice. It’s kind of an eclectic place. They’ve got a huge fake shark out front that you can take pictures with. And the bathrooms are full of things to make you laugh.

We decided to play more dominos after we got home from shopping and got through a whole game. Grandma won this time, I would have won last time if we had finished, but it doesn’t really matter. I really just enjoy playing the game, win or lose. It’s really nice to be able to spend time with them and just relax and visit. Talk. Enjoy each other’s company. I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to so I feel really fortunate to have been able to come down here for the time that I can to spend that time with them. Especially since it’s just one on one and there aren’t as many distractions.

Grandpa is going to play horseshoes today. I was invited to go but it’s a 6 hour affair that I don’t really want to be part of. I don’t know anyone, and I know I never will if I don’t go out and meet people, but I just can’t picture myself spending six hours watching people play horseshoes. Grandpa says he only gets to play a couple of games because there are so many people that show up to play and there’s usually only one pit. But they all bring something to eat to share, like a big potluck, and they snack on food and drinks in between their turn to play. Grandma is sending cheese, crackers and salami with Grandpa today (I think). It was either that or popcorn. Who knows, maybe she’ll send both. It’s really hard to tell what they’ll decide to do.

Grandma and I are going to stay home and do whatever we feel like doing. Watch movies or read our books or hang around outside. Don’t really know yet.

Grandma and I mostly ended up reading. We didn’t feel like doing anything else. I learned how to make a good Bloody Mary and had 2. I read the rest of the book I was reading then watched Recovery Road and the first episode of Shadow Hunters on my phone. I had downloaded them before I left home so I would have a couple new things to watch. I think I’d really enjoy both shows but it’s unlikely I’ll watch either of them until they end up on Netflix or something like that. I never get to watch shows regularly. The only ones I make sure I do watch are The Walking Dead and Works Cooks in America.

We got ready around 4:30 to go to dinner. We had reservations for all you can eat fried shrimp at the local restaurant. It was really really good. We walked over with the owner’s dog. He comes to visit us almost every night while he waits for the restaurant to close. He shows up when he feels like it, has a hotdog and some ice cubes, then lays down at someone’s feet and relaxes until close to closing time. Then he heads off to the restaurant to help with clean up and to wait for his ride home. It’s really adorable.

So he walked us to the restaurant when it was time to go. Grandpa wasn’t back from horseshoes yet so we had agreed to meet him there if he wasn’t home by 6. He didn’t show up at the restaurant until closer to 7:30, but that’s because he had done really well at horseshoes and he and his partner had come in second. They have to take shots when they get doubles (whatever that is) and he had gotten 3 so he’d had to take 3 shots. He seemed to have had a great time.

We had dinner with some of their friends and one of their friend’s grand kids. It was a lot of fun. It was the three of us and 5 other people. We talked and drank (I had 2 pina coladas) and ate a ton of food. We were there until after closing time, but so were a lot of people. Afterwards we were invited to a friend’s house for some more drinks, I declined and headed home, but Grandma and Grandpa went to visit and had a wonderful time. I was sort of tired and really just wanted to relax and read some more. I only have so many days left here and during the time I have left I’d like to relax as much as possible and get rid of as much stress as I can. It’s already Sunday, I leave Thursday. It’s such a depressing though to think about leaving this place and heading back home. It really makes me want to cry. But at the same time, I miss my dogs, and my things, and there are things I need to take care of when I get home. So going home isn’t really an option. But I wish it was.

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