What’s In My Purse?

So this tag is all over the place and considering my bag is super tiny I thought I’d make a quick list of things I keep in my bag and then add to the list the things I keep in my car that I would keep in my purse if I carried a larger one.

In my bag:

1 Blistex chapstick

1 Say Yes To Grapefruit chapstick

minty gum

a Scent Bird perfume, currently Jimmy Choo

My coin purse full of membership cards for restaurants and stores (I don’t carry coins in my purse)


My debit and credit cards

My driver’s license

A picture of my friend’s kids

My car key


In My Car:

In my center console I keep:
a change jar
dollar bills
a tiny hair brush
extra charging cables
a little bottle of lotion
a travel bottle of contact solution

In my trunk space:
face wipes
generic pain pills
an extra purse (in case I need a larger one)
feminine hygiene products (tampons, etc.)

And in my glove box:
an extra pair (or two) of sunglasses
my makeup bag for traveling

That’s it. I don’t carry as much as I used to. I used to carry all of that in my purse, now I carry a wristlet and nothing else. I got tired of carrying a large bag. My shoulders started hurting because I’ve always carried a cross body bag. I just recently bought a largish bucket bag and I’m going to try using that for a while. Sometimes I miss being able to have the things I need whenever I need them.

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