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Videos I Enjoy Watching

And I hope you’ll like them too!

This is a music video that I was introduced to in high school! It’s a catchy song that’s sure to get stuck in your head. I don’t remember the exact story behind it but these guys created this song and music video in a really short amount of time and it sounds a lot like things you were hearing on the radio when it was made. It’s actually really funny.


You have no idea how disgusting some of our candy is until you watch people from other countries try it. Have a laugh, sit down with your favorite candy and watch the funny faces!


Watching this guy pour molten aluminum into different things is kind of hypnotizing.

Guy Tang is AMAZING when it comes to hair color! I would so be willing to pay him to do my hair! I seriously can’t get over it. It’s just fantastic! Mesmerizing!

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